After the success of the Lime Rock experience, the Patron Highcroft Acura is still on a great roll. After Lime Rock and a sore head from celebrating, we went onto Mid-Ohio and Road America and had more good results to talk about.

Mid-Ohio was one we really felt strong about as the Acura has good downforce and this was a place that loved the big Gs. Going into qualifying, the car was a little off the pace, which was a little concerning, but one thing this team is really good at is getting back up to speed quickly. I did the qualifying again and the car felt a lot better than it did in practice, so I thought we could do well. I drove the car pretty hard and found myself P1 for most of the session. Then, right at the end, my mate Gil put in a stellar lap and got the overall pole with ol' DB next. It was the first all-Acura front row, however, so I was pretty happy after struggling in practice.

The race was going to be a close one as the nature of the track makes it difficult to pass at Mid-Ohio, but a bit of traffic in the wrong part and your race is done. Scott started the race and drove a great stint by keeping Gil in check - and keeping the Porsches behind - but we lost time in the pits due to an airjack problem and the Dumas Porsche jumped us during the safety car period.

When we got the restart, my tyres were taking a bit of time to get up to the grip I was looking for, and I got passed by Fernandez and then another Penske Porsche. I have to say that really pissed me off but, when the tyres came in, the car was really hooked up. I got past Adrian and then I was off after the first of the Porsches. I got a good run on him out of turn one and we split a GT car - I'm not sure if you could have put a sheet of paper between us as I went past, but it set me up for an inside pass on Pat Long into the turn three hairpin.

Once past, I was flying as I was able to lap much faster than Dumas in the leading Porsche. The two Audis were up the road as well, but it was Dumas who I wanted. Soon, I was right behind him, and with a handful of laps still to go. I tried everything, but he defended well and didn't make a mistake, so I had to settle for fourth overall and second in class. Not a bad race, but it meant that we lost a little ground in the championship.

Onto Elkhart Lake and one of the best race tracks in North America. It's a beautiful part of the world and a rare chance to bring the family with me. We were feeling confident of a strong race as we had some engine and aerodynamic upgrades that would work well at what is a long circuit but, after the first day's running, all the Acuras were way behind the Penske of Dumas and Bernhard - and we were the worst.

We had a lot of discussions at the end of the day and spent much time poring over data to find out what was happening, as it wasn't what we had expected. The next day was much better as the changes we made to the car put it right back in the ballpark. As we got close to qualifying, I put in a pretty good lap and ended up second quickest behind one of the Audis. I was surprised to see that the Audis weren't quicker than they were as the long straights should have suited them nicely.

However, when it came to qualifying, I put us sixth on the grid, which was a little disappointing, but when I saw Gil was behind me, that made me happier...! One Audi was on the pole and the AGR Acura was second and first in the P2 class. AGR has been quick, but this pole was a long time coming. I thought that our car would be good for the race, though, so I wasn't too worried.

I started the race and we all got through okay, so it was a case of just keeping in touch and take anything that came. All the cars in front of me were fast and we were a bit of a train out there.

I was right behind Dumas, but he was just fast enough to stay in front. I knew that, if I got past, I could pull away as I was running a little quicker and, when a yellow came out, the team decided to not change tyres so I jumped ahead of the guys in front.

After a while, however, it became obvious that the decision to double stint the tyres wasn't quite working, as everyone started to catch me and then pass me. Another yellow came out, so in I came to change over to Scott. He had a strong stint and, with different strategies out there with so many yellows, he ended up pitting, filling up with fuel and taking tyres and then coming back to the pits to change drivers.

Unfortunately, he had to do another couple of minutes in the car to take him to the minimum driving limit, but eventually I jumped in to finish the race. We were in eighth when we got going again, but the line of cars was up the road as it went green and I had a few clear laps to lay down some quick times and try and catch them.

The car was really hooked up and I was catching the cars at a second or two seconds a lap - and, when I just got behind them, another yellow came out. The team got on the radio and said 'stay out' as the cars in front might have to pit and, when the pit-lane opened, all the top runners went in and I went from eighth to first overall!

On the restart, I got a great jump on everyone and was four seconds in the lead, ahead of the Fernandez and AGR Acuras. I was thinking that it would be a fantastic result to get the top three places on the podium for Acura, but another yellow came out and it was the Fernandez car in the gravel.

When I next looked behind me, I saw the Audi right behind me and knew I was dead meat with a car with 200 more horsepower homing in. On the restart, the Audi blew past me - with the AGR car right in its slipstream... There was no room to block him and I was fourth overall and second in class, with the #7 Penske of Bernhard right behind me - again!

As we were getting to the end of the race, I just tried to keep the Penske behind me, as that was the most important thing for me to do but, with a few laps to go, the AGR car dived down the inside of the Paul Drayson's Aston Martin and didn't quite make it. He took both cars off the track and I was suddenly back into the lead of the P2 battle.

All I needed to do was get to the finish and keep the Penske behind to get our third win of the year. It was tense, but eventually I crossed the line with Bernhard behind me, so we managed to get another great win. The team's strategy has been a huge factor in our wins, and it just shows how well the team is operating at the moment.

With four races left, anything can happen and it is now a straight fight between the #7 Penske and the Patron Highcroft Acura team for the P2 Championship.

Bring it on....


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