Well, once again, I have more good news to report through this column, with the last two American Le Mans Series races producing a win at Mosport and second place at Detroit.

The great news, however, is that, before I left this rainy shore of England, we were 24 points behind the #7 Penske Porsche and, when I came back to these rainy shores, we had closed the gap to just four points.

Mosport was one of those races that, if you had pitted at the right time for fuel to get to the end of the race, and you drove to save fuel but not too slow, you had a shot at winning. For the Patron Highcroft Racing team, we got it spot on.

I qualified second in the P2 class, and fourth overall, but it was very close. The Mosport track is the fastest place we go to, with insane speeds in the fast turns one, two and eight. Turns one and two are flat-out in fifth and sixth and only a few were able to do it. My car was well balanced in the fast corners and I can tell you it is one hell of a ride. The Penske Porsche was just a bit quicker on a qualifying lap and had a good two tenths on us, but we managed to get a good lap to line up right next to our championship rival.

Scott got a solid start, but we knew that the racing was going to be pretty intense, as the very nature of the track was going to make traffic a big issue. Scott lost a few places due to slower cars but, when I got in under a yellow, I knew we were still in good shape as the car had a good race set-up.

From the moment the green flag dropped, we were all involved in some amazing racing as we were passing each other on the inside and the outside of these daunting corners. Another yellow came out and I followed the #7 Penske of Dumas into the pits, and was really surprised to see how quickly he refuelled. I also though that, now, he may have had more fuel than me, as the Porsches are better on fuel than us.

When the racing resumed, we had some of the best racing I think I have ever had. Dumas and I had a fantastic battle and I think we passed each other four times in ten laps. However, when I got past for the last time, I dropped him pretty quickly and was soon after Fernandez up the road. I caught him fairly quickly, but the team was telling me to save fuel as well encouraging me to get past Adrian as he was trying to do the same. No-one who pitted on the last yellow was looking great on fuel.

However, I was having a great battle with Adrian and finally got past and into what I thought was the lead of the P2 battle. What I didn't know at the time though was that Gil was up the road in first place, also trying to save fuel. It came to the last lap and, when I saw Gil on the side of the road, I had no idea that I had just passed him for the lead as I thought I was already up front! Still, we will take it as we closed the gap even more to the #7 Porsche.

Between Mosport and Detroit, I thought I would go to Niagara Falls to have a look at one of the wonders of the world. A two-hour drive from Detroit made it a day trip and one I will remember for the rest of my life. The beauty and power of the falls is captivating, but I was shocked to see, on the Canadian side, a Las Vegas-style city - what an eye-sore. I was glad I was on the Canadian side as, when you look over to the US, at least they had kept a more natural look. I find it hard to believe that the Canadians allowed this to happen but I guess that's what they decided - to make as much money as they can.

I thought we could do well at Detroit as we have had a good car on the street circuits and finished third there last year. The weather was rainy for practice, so nobody got any real running in dry conditions, but our car was really quick in the wet and Scott was flying when he was out there. Qualifying was dry, so whoever had the best set-up was looking good. Our car felt good while I was out there and I pushed harder and harder, just clipping the wall to grab the overall pole position. It wasn't the best lap, but it was good enough - and great to have an Acura front row again.

Scott started the race, and he and Simon in the #66 de Ferran car pulled away from the rest of the pack. I was watching the in-car camera of Scott driving and it was beautiful to watch. He was in the zone and I had never seen him drive so well. He has really come on in the year and really feels on top of the car now.

We decided to stay out when the first yellow came and the strategy looked good until another yellow came out and we had to pit. When I got back out, we had dropped to fifth, so I had another battle to get to the front. I was right behind Gil and, as we are mates, I was thinking it would be fun racing him as we haven't really had a chance this year to battle it out. The pressure of me being behind him must have been too great for Gil though, as he spun in front of me.... but, sshh, don't tell him I said that!

After that, I slipped past the Audi and set my sights on the leading Andretti Green car and the #7 Penske. Timo was in the Audi and I was driving the wheels off our car to catch him, setting the fastest lap of the race as I got right behind him. Then he hit a slower car, which spun off, meaning Timo had to do a stop-and-go penalty, which put me up to second, and we were catching the AGR car when another yellow came out.

We only had a few laps to go and, when we went green, Franck got an early restart. I followed him but saw that the pace car hadn't gone completely into the pits, so I backed off as I didn't want to get a stop-go. With me backing off, however, Franck was well down the road and, with no penalty being given to him, I couldn't catch him. Instead, we had to settle for second and another great result for the team.

We now go onto to Petit Le Mans, where there are extra points to be gained. We are really looking forward to going there to win another race and, with just four points between the #7 car and ourselves, it will be another mega battle.

Watch this space...!