They may have been a rival team fighting for valuable championship points, but Embassy Racing driver Neil Cunningham has said he is disappointed to have seen Lawrence Tomlinson and his LNT team withdraw from the British GT championship.

LNT made the decision during the Castle Combe meeting when the #42 car of Andrew Thompson and Jonny Kane was excluded from the event for failing the strict noise level tests at the Wiltshire circuit.

However, speaking to, Cunningham said he was sad to see the team leaving the series.

"I'm really disappointed about the whole thing," he said, "because they are a great team, they have good drivers, and that is what we need in the British GT championship. We need quality teams, and they are quality. They are very good guys to race against, very hard - especially Patrick [Pearce] - so it's a shame that they've left.

"I can understand both reasons why they have decided to go. Scrutineering at Castle Combe can be a pain to get through with the noise limits but who knows, hopefully they could decide to come back but I can't see it happening.

"It does make life easier [for us]. I think we had the measure of the TVR's, but they were always there and one mistake and they would have had us."