The Mosler MTR900 is set to return to the Avon Tyres British GT Championship for the 2010 season after the MSA deemed that the car is eligible to compete in the GT3 class.

The car had been excluded from the class last season due to a grey area within the wording of the British GT regulations, with an apparent oversight by series organisers SRO leading to questions about its eligibility.

Despite not carrying full FIA homologation, the Mosler was allowed to compete in the Belgium British GT Championship under National homologation rules and was allowed to compete in the British GT Championship on similar grounds - with SRO informing Mosler that the car would be allowed in the series.

However, nothing was written into the regulations to state that that cars running to both FIA and National homologation would be eligible for the championship, with the rival Preci-Spark team launching numerous protests against the MT900 - which ultimately ended with the MSA National Court ruling that the car could only compete in the Invitational Class.

Now, following a meeting with the MSA and Stefan Ratel from series promoters SRO, agreement has now been reached to allow Mosler to compete in British GT again this season, with the MSA confirming that GT3 race cars that have been homologated nationally may be eligible to compete within the British GT3 Championship - subject to championship regulations and MSA approval in each instance.

Following the announcement, Rollcentre Racing will now lodge an entry for the 2010 season and is looking for drivers for its programme.

"I am delighted that Colin Hilton took this matter in hand, and got us all sat around a table to sort last years regulations mess within British GT," Mosler Europe MD and Rollcentre boss Martin Short said. "Last year, the MSA had to go by the written regulations and I had no problem with that.

"Stephane, Bernard [Cottrell - BRSCC chief executive] and myself all recognise that despite SRO's wishes that the Mosler should be in the Championship, the regulations were not in order. That has now been fixed, and whilst we are all waiting for the final regulations to be passed off by the MSA, it should now be a matter of course.

"Last year was very traumatic for us, and had a negative effect nationally worldwide with the Mosler. The British GT Championship is very important for Mosler. As a direct result of being part of it in 2009 we sold 5 cars into the Australian GT, then more into Asian GT and now Japan. This regulation change within British GT highlights that what happened was nothing to do with the car, and should give confidence to other ASN's around the world that the Mosler can continue to be accepted.

"This decision is obviously extremely important for us, and my employees and present and future customers.

"This action has further implications not just for Mosler. This means that other small car manufacturers now have the ability to Nationally homologate their cars with the RACB, or other MSA acceptable ASN's, and race head to head and equally against the 'Grand Marques' in the British GT. I believe that this is very important. Rollcentre Racing entered British GT in 2000 with a TVR that we built ourselves, and laid the foundations for TVR's eventual entry into the Le Mans 24 Hours. We subsequently entered Le Mans 24 Hours five times, as a direct result of our apprenticeship in British GT.

"In my opinion, small manufacturers should be able to be allowed to race against the controlling powers of the 'Grand Marques'. At the moment, the FIA requirement for 300 cars to be made per year is what keeps Mosler and many other marques out of full FIA GT3 status. If this had been applied to racing 50 years ago, Ferrari and Aston Martin may not be where they are now."

"It is a shame that it has taken until this time to get the problem sorted, as we have not been able to retain the services of the British GT find of last year, Dan Brown, but he has found himself a good seat for 2010, and we look forward to competing against him, and wish him all the very best for a successful season."