Kelvin Jones Motorsport has announced the recent acquisition of Xanthos Sports Cars, the manufacturer of Lotus 23 components and cars.

KJM will now produce all the parts necessary to keep these great cars on the race track.

The Liverpool-based company will also build exact reproduction FIA HTP (Historic Technical Passports) Continuation certified 23Bs, with Arch Motor & Manufacturing Co. Limited, appointed to do all the manufacturing on behalf of KJM - and as it did originally for Lotus back in the 1960s.

"I am very excited to have bought Xanthos Sports Cars," Kelvin said. "After my old friend Henry Tombs started the company, it is somehow fitting that I have now ended up with it all these years later. I am looking forward to building on what he achieved and continuing that legacy.

"We want to keep original 23Bs on the track with quality spares that will be 'on the shelf' - that is my main goal."

"I am also very proud to have restored the link with Arch Motors, the original manufacturer, who built the chassis and suspension for the first Lotus 23," he added. "Arch Motors are one of the best chassis makers ever. They do all our Chevron contracts and they have done everything for everyone over the years - including Lola, March and Brabham and so on.

"They will be our sole manufacturer and everything will be done to the exact original spec. All the original 23Bs were brassed and every chassis we make will be done in the same authentic way. There are not many people that can do that today - in fact, there is virtually no one left.

"All the Xanthos Sport Cars jigs are already at Arch Motors and we can now supply all parts for Lotus 23s.

"KJM and Arch Motors are looking forward, together, to revitalising Xanthos Sports Cars."

KJM can also confirm that Xanthos Sports Cars will continue to produce the Xanthos 23X, a road / track day version of the 23B.