Ian McKellar and Tommy Erdos won a dramatic sixth round of the BRDC British GT Championship in their Saleen.

In the GTO category, a fabulous battle between Martin Short (TVR Tuscan) and Jamie Davies (Ferrari 360) finished with Short ahead by less than half a second after an hour of racing.

Although Nigel Greensall led before his pit stop in the Stealth, a clutch problem slowed the car and left the Saleen clearly ahead. However, in hot pursuit were the TVR of Michael Caine and the Lister Storm of Mike Jordan.

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Under pressure from Jordan, Caine had a half spin at Becketts and Jordan could not avoid clipping the TVR.

With visibility obscured by a damaged windscreen, Jordan was just unable to hunt down the Saleen over the closing laps. ''I aimed it over the apex kerb,'' said Jordan of his efforts to avoid Caine. However, with the front bodywork flicking up and off the car past the pits, Jordan now had a real problem seeing through a damaged windscreen.

Tom Herridge and Nathan Kinch had a strong race in the second Saleen to take third once the Caine/Rob Barff TVR retired with engine problems after a pit-stop to repair accident damage. Fourth was just reward for a fine effort from Tony Littlejohn/Rob Croydon (Porsche 911GT2).

Short seemed well on course for a clear win in GTO once the Shane Lynch/Ben McLoughlin TVR hit engine trouble, but the Ferrari came on strong in the second half of the race and Davies hounded Short all the way to the flag.

''I knew that we'd got the lead and I was on a bit of a stroll,'' said Short who had a shock when the Ferrari started to close in. ''I had to make sure I made enough on the straights that he couldn't mug me in the corners,'' said a relieved Short. ''Straight line speed is what we need now,'' said Lockie after proving that the Ferrari is ready for its first GTO win.

Tim Sugden charged into third in the Porsche after Steve O'Rourke had an early spin, while a superb opening stint from Piers Johnson set up a fourth place finish for the Tuscan he shares with John Hartshorne.


GT class:

1. Ian McKellar/Tommy Erdos (Saleen S7) 43 laps in 60m27.193s
2. Mike Jordan/David Warnock (Lister Storm) 60m21.945s
3. Tom Herridge/Nathan Kinch (Saleen S7) 61m20.000s
4. Tony Littlejohn/Rob Croydon (Porsche 911GT2) 61m48.989s
5. Terry Pudwell/Nigel Greensall (Stealth B6) 42 laps
6. Steve Brady (Ultima Sport) 42 laps


1. Martin Short/Simon Pullan (TVR Tuscan R) 42 laps
2. Jamie Davies/Calum Lockie (Ferrari 360) 42 laps
3. Tim Sugden/Steve O'Rourke (Porsche 911GT3R) 42 laps
4. Piers Johnson/John Hartshorne (TVR Tuscan R) 41 laps
5. Marco Attard/Neil Woodford (Ferrari 360) 41 laps
6. David Jones/Godfrey Jones (Porsche 911GT3R) 41 laps