The ongoing saga regarding Donington Park's ability to host imminent motor racing events has taken a further twist with MSVR warning that the circuit must pass its MCRCB inspection if the BSB event is to take place.

A previous statement by Donington appeared to suggest that the event, scheduled to take place on 23-25 May, would definitely go ahead after contractors modifying the circuit for next year's F1 grand prix submitted written confirmation that all required works needed to issue a track license will be completed before the BSB event.

However, MSVR boss Jonathan Palmer has sent the following letter to Donington Park, warning that if the work is not finished the round will not be held:

"Donington is a great circuit and an important part of the BSB calendar, so it will be very disappointing to everyone if the BSB event cannot take place. I note your assurances in relation to the works to reinstate the run-off, and the letter from your contractors.

"You proposed that MCRCB inspect the circuit on 15 May, and I must make clear our position that unless MCRCB is able to issue a track licence on that date or report to MSVR that it has absolute confidence that it will be able to do so in advance of the BSB round, we will withdraw the round from Donington Park. I hope that Donington is now on course to be able to host the excellent round of BSB that we expect.

"If Donington Park's ability to host the round is called into doubt at any time, we will look to implement alternative arrangements. For the moment, MSVR is pleased that Donington Park is finally taking positive and urgent steps towards resolving the concerns of its regulatory bodies, and very much hope that it will be able to deliver a successful round of the Championship in 3 weeks' time."