Simon Andrews and MSS Colchester Kawasaki have blasted the ruling that prevented them from claiming a remarkable first British Superbike Championship victory, with Andrews maintaining that the win was still his.

Andrews was just eight laps from completing a maiden BSB win having resisted the attentions of Chris Walker and Tommy Hill for the majority of the race.

However, Andrews was the innocent party in an accident caused when Josh Brookes lost control of his HM Plant Honda under braking and harpooned man and machine at the hairpin.

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Although the red flag was deployed and it was initially understood that the results would be taken from a lap before, regulations would state that those not running at the time of the stoppage would not be included.

It meant Andrews, who was not at fault for his accident, was not classified in the results, a ruling he was devastated by.

"We ran at the front for twenty laps. I don't care what the race results say. I don't care what happened. That was our win. We've proved today that the ZX-10R is a force to be reckoned with. I'm off to Belgium now to get my broken wrist pinned and plated. My chance to set the record straight is in three weeks at Brands Hatch, that's all I'm focusing on now."

Andrews' sentiments were echoed by team manager Nick Morgan, who refused to fully express his opinion on the matter.

"It's amazing how closely linked elation and despondency are, isn't it? I don't know what to say really. It's probably best I don't say anything because if I do it'll be all angry and offensive.

"I know there's no arguing with a rule in a rule book but it still leaves a bitter taste. Let's look to the future instead of dwelling upon today's events...Simon and Julien [Da Costa] are going to be awesome at Brands Hatch, I know that much."