Josh Brookes insists he isn't concerned about whether he receives a bad reception when he returns to the British Superbike Championship following a two race suspension that he brands as 'stupid'.

The Australian was banned for the Brands Hatch and Cadwell Park rounds of the championship after he was blamed for causing an accident at Mallory Park that eliminated six other riders from the race.

Speaking to ahead of his return to the series at Croft, Brookes is unfazed by any potential bad feeling amongst fans or rival teams, maintaining that he 'doesn't care what others think'.

"I am really anxious to get back on the bike," he said. "The only reason I am here is to go racing, so not being able to race has been frustrating.

"I'm Australian, so I don't really care about that," he joked, when asked about whether he is worried by people's reactions. "I just want to get out there and ride my bike. I don't care what other people think, I do this for myself and I always have done.

"I think people will be happier to see me and I think I have been through the worst now. There has been more clarity on it now and a bit more understanding, but I am not bothered anyway."

The accident, which occurred when Brookes lost control of his HM Plant Honda whilst under braking for the hairpin, prompted a furious response from team bosses and riders alike, leading to Brookes' suspension.

However, the Australian believes the reaction and the subsequent penalty handed down was 'stupid', adding that the same teams are now enquiring about his plans for 2010.

"They all got a bit hot headed - it was all a bit stupid, but I can't control that. It was stupid I got banned and thought it was stupid how people reacted to it, but everyone is entitled to their own views.

"There is actually a lot of interest from teams about what I'm doing next year now, so they have said one thing and now they're turning the other way!

"I think they reacted in the moment and now time has passed and they know the real truth, they aren't keeping their distance and thinking I'm a 'bad boy'."

Looking ahead to the weekend's action at Croft, Brookes is confident he can pick up from where he left off having begun to establish himself as a rival for the Airwaves Yamahas.

"I rode the track on a standard CBR1000. It seems to have some flow. The section through Sunny In and Sunny Out is really cool. Places like Mallory and Snetterton don't have so much flow and it's hard to get into rhythm, so I think Croft will suit me."