Sylvain Guintoli left Croft with only a 'rubbish' 13th to show for his efforts, having fallen from his Worx Crescent Suzuki in both qualifying and race one.

"This weekend's results are far from ideal," said the Frenchman, who began each race from 17th on the grid. "Crashing in qualifying and my not setting a decent time really didn't help. So we started today's races miles from the front. And in that first race I struggled to get my rhythm, to be honest I was really slow and then I crashed right at the end."

That accident prompted a switch back to more familiar chassis settings for race two.

"That result convinced us to revert to some of my old settings for the second race," said Guintoli. "These were quite different from where we've been these last two meetings so it took me a few laps to get a feel for it. But from there on it felt better and better. The result was still rubbish, but my rhythm had come back - I set my fastest lap on the penultimate lap."

"No question, if you're on the outside looking in, this weekend's racing for us looks terrible," stated team manager Jack Valentine. "Many things didn't work out and Sylvain went into that first race lacking confidence in the bike.

"For the second race we returned to settings from the beginning of the year - from before Sylvain's Donington accident - and this made a significant difference. It took Sylvain a few laps to get dialed into them again but once he did he got faster and faster. He certainly got his confidence back - which was important after two crashes.

"For us, having gone through this process, we're now feeling very positive and really looking forward to Silverstone. We're putting this weekend down to experience and we've learnt from it. It's a case of onwards and upwards," Valentine concluded.