2009 British Supersport race winner James Westmoreland got some track laps on three different Superbikes, plus the Ducati Desmosedici MotoGP replica, during two days at Jerez.

"I was invited out to Jerez by my loyal sponsor Gary Wilson of Beta Distribution. He has his own Track Day Company and I was asked to go out and have a fun few days!" explained Westmoreland, who holds third in the 2009 BSS championship with two rounds to go.

"Gary has a Honda CBR1000 built by JT Engine Developments and it was a perfect opportunity to ride a Superbike of a very high standard. My first impressions were very good, the speed was impressive but not mind boggling, and the chassis was very good.

"The bike felt like a Supersport bike with more power and it was great fun to ride. It was difficult to get too serious as it was a track day and I was trying not to hog the bike and the tyres we had available!

"I set some very respectable lap times and had great fun without changing a thing on the bike and I now have an idea of what to expect, whether that is in 2010 or beyond I will be ready to do a good job," he added.

Westmoreland, who races a JT tuned Triumph 675 in the BSS, then got to try out two other Superbikes, plus the limited edition V4 Desmosedici.

"I also rode a Suzuki K6 Superbike, 999 Ducati and Ducati Desmosedici," he confirmed. "The 999 was a lovely bike and it felt really balanced and was very deceptive on how fast you were going. It was of a very high standard with some factory parts on from 2006. It was a pleasure to ride and I came in feeling like Troy Bayliss!

"The Desmo looks fantastic and I was eager to get a few laps on it. I didn't want to appear cheeky but I blagged a go on the condition that if I went down I would have to buy it! So crashing was not an option!

"It only had 600 mile on the clock so was barely run in, poor thing. It sounded unreal and I was grinning as I opened it up out of pit lane. I did about eight laps which were enough to know how they feel, and I chuffed to have ridden one.

"I was very grateful to all the respective owners and would like to thank them, but at the back of my mind I knew I was thrashing their pride and joy!" Westmoreland added.