Stuart Easton has expressed a renewed determination to return to motorcycle racing, as he embarks on what is likely to be a long road to recovery from the horrific injuries sustained at the North West 200.

The Scot suffered a myriad of serious injuries after colliding with MSS Colchester Kawasaki team-mate Gary Mason's stricken bike at high-speed during practice for the North West 200 road race, an accident has kept him in hospital for almost a month.

Having undergone several operations in Belfast hospital, where he was taken following the accident, Easton will be airlifted to Edinburgh hospital next week, giving him the chance to see family and friends.

Speaking about the aftermath of the accident, Easton admits he went through 'pure hell' during the first week, adding that he didn't want to see another bike again.

However, he says his determination to get back racing has returned, joking that he wants to be rolling down the Oulton Park pit lane in a wheelchair next month.

"I'm starting to feel more comfortable, my appetite is starting to come back and they will be airlifting me to an Edinburgh hospital from here in Belfast, early next week," he said. "I'd actually be happy enough staying here the surgeon who did the work is close by but being back home and seeing my family will be great.

"I'll be honest, the first week was pure hell, lots of pain and I never wanted to see a bike again but now I've been watching the TT and GP, I know I love bikes and that's what I want to do still. I've had another op on my leg to drain fluid and the external fixator should come off after six weeks.

"You want to feel improvements every day and that's what the physio is all about. You need a goal and I want to be rolling a wheelchair down the pits at Oulton Park before I'm up and about later in the year!"