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Andrews undergoes surgery on fractured leg

4 July 2011

Simon Andrews has undergone surgery on his leg following his high-speed accident during the second British Superbike Championship race at Snetterton.

Steve Brogan and Andrews crashed on oil spilt by an engine failure on Alex Lowes's MSS Colchester Kawasaki, the former suffering a shoulder injury and the latter receiving a serious leg break.

Admitted to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Andrews went under the knife to clean the injured area and to insert an external frame to stabilise the fractures in the lower leg.

According to Andrews's father Stuart on the official British Superbike website, Andrews will now need to undergo reconstructive surgery to replace four inches of missing bone with bone from his hip, followed by plastic surgery to cover it up.

However, he also confirmed that Andrews has feeling in the leg and movement in his toes.

The spectacular accident, which occurred at Riches on lap eight of the second race, would see both bikes - the PR Kawasaki and the Jentin Honda - launched over the barriers.