Simon Andrews says his recovery from injury is steadily progressing, despite contracting a serious infection as a result of the trauma he suffered.

Andrews suffered a compound fracture of his lower leg after crashing on oil deposited by Alex Lowes's expiring MSS Colchester Kawasaki at Snetterton, the PR Kawasaki rider falling along with Jentin Racing's Steve Brogan.

Requiring three operations on the injured limb, though the surgery was a success, Andrews endured a prolonged stint in hospital after getting blood clots on his lungs and an infection which he says is 'serious'.

Nonetheless, Andrews, writing in his personal blog, says he is pleased with the progress he has been making and is now beginning to feel 'more energetic'

"I'm sure you have all seen the pics and YouTube clips of myself and Broggie having a little off! It resulted in a compound fracture in my lower leg requiring 3 operations to repair and a lengthy recovery period. Good news is the operations all went well and I'm waiting for my first X-ray in two weeks. Unfortunately as a result from so much trauma I collected a few blood clots on my lungs and an infection which is quite serious so I'm told.

"I'm feeling a little more energetic so have some physio and massage set up this week and start back in the gym this weekend before trying to organise the rest of the year.

"Hudson Kennaugh has taken my ride for the rest of the year but don't worry I'm still contracted for the year and PR Kawasaki want me for the 2012 coming season so I can concentrate on getting back to full fitness but for now it means a lot of rest."


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