Double BSB champion Shane Byrne and his family were fortunate to escape serious injury in a head-on road accident - after which the 2012 PBM Kawasaki rider was knocked down by another vehicle!

Byrne wrote on his official Twitter page @67Shakey: "Was in a multi car pile up early am, survived that in the pitch black, got out of my van, then got knocked down by another car!

"Wish I could say I was joking, fortunately wife and children ok, suspected broken ankle turned out to be ok.

"70mph head on smash, knocked down by another car after the crash and a sore ankle... Somebody was looking out for me!"

A later posting added:

"Just out of local hospital, my shoe got ripped off in the accident and one of the cut/grazes is pretty raw, toes look like small sausages ha ha."