Double BSB champion Shane Byrne hasn't escaped as lightly as he thought from the 70mph head-on road accident on January 9.

Amazingly, the 2012 PBM Kawasaki rider, who was also knocked down by another car after getting out of his wrecked van, originally thought the only injury to himself or his family was a 'sore ankle' after his shoe was ripped off.

But a further check-up on Friday revealed that the Englishman has suffered multiple broken bones in his left foot:

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"Uh oh, Friday 13th... Just been to change dressings on my foot & Dr's aren't happy, sending me 4 another x-ray..." he wrote on Twitter page @67Shakey.

"Bad news 4 broken bones in my foot, good news, not displaced and I saved them cutting off a pair of Armanis ;-)"