Reigning British Superbike champion Tommy Hill has given the thumbs-up to the new BSB film I, Superbiker 2 - The Showdown, following an exclusive preview screening in London on Wednesday.

Hill, who remains in Shaun Muir's Swan Yamaha team this season with Ian Hutchinson as his team-mate, was joined by Muir plus fellow BSB riders Gary Mason, Peter Hickman, Simon Andrews and Jon Kirkham at the premiere.

"The first thing to say is that this time round the movie had a better ending," said Hill on the official British Superbike website,

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"It is great just to see the emotions from the final round all over again, especially as during an event you are in the zone and it's something that as a rider I missed.

"It is emotional when you see the reactions from your family, girlfriend, friends and all of the fans on the big screen."

Bike fan and adventurer Charlie Boorman was also among the guests and hailed the impact of the film, which captures the drama of last season's thrilling BSB season.

"I was away a lot of last year but I did see the results but I obviously hadn't experienced the full impact of what a great season it was and how close the races were.

"I thought the film was fantastic; it caught the drama of it all, especially that last race," he added. "I am very passionate about racing but I believe that a film like this will bring racing to masses."

Ex-Olympic athlete and joint owner of the Splitlath Redmond Racing team, Derek Redmond, also attend the launch of the new movie, which returns to the big screen across the UK next month for two nights only on February 21 and March 1.