Josh Brookes has vented his annoyance at a lack of safety car during race one at Oulton Park and feels there is a campaign against him.

The Milwaukee Yamaha rider says there were a number of incidents during the opening race of the triple-header which should have required a safety car but the race went on interrupted as Byrne broke Brookes' dominance with a controlled victory.

Brookes had a frustrating day after his engine blew on his out lap during qualifying, meaning he was unable to set a timed lap and had to start from the last row. The Australian made light work of battling through the BSB field but was unable to catch the top three.

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Brookes says the lack of safety car after a number of dangerous crashes was a safety risk and went so far as to say it was a move to benefit Shane Byrne's position at the front.

"I was quite annoyed that in all the races I've led this season and Shakey has had trouble if there has been an opportunity to put a safety car out there is guaranteed to be one," Brookes said. "At one point there was a bike on fire and another where fuel was gushing out and four or five marshals around the bike trying to lift it up.

"These are incidents where there shouldn't be a question. It is suitable to have a safety car out with that many marshals in a dangerous position.

"I feel that the safety car wasn't deployed purposely to maximise Shakey's potential which I'm annoyed at. We won't know the real truth but that is how it feels."

Brookes also says if a safety car had been deployed he was confident he had the pace to fight for the win rather than missing out on the vital Podium credits. Byrne's victory increased his total to 46 and has taken a one-point lead in Podium credits on Brookes.

"The pace was there no doubt," he said. "A safety car at any point during the race would have made some different to my race. You can't use it as a reason going forward but there were four or five incidents which were big enough and had marshals on the circuit to retrieve a bike. Normally they put a safety car out."