Milwaukee Yamaha team owner Shaun Muir has confirmed he has a mutual agreement with Josh Brookes to take him and the team to the World Superbike championship next season.

After celebrating Brookes' maiden MCE British Superbike title rumours have been rife about whether it would be the Australian's final appearance in the series as he prepares to graduate into WSBK.

Muir has openly said he is looking to step up into WSBK but currently has no confirmation on what machinery his Guisborough squad may use after losing the factory Yamaha contract to Crescent Racing.

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It is understood Muir is still negotiating a potential deal with either Aprilia or Suzuki, while also opening the possibility of running as a privateer Yamaha team next year, but whatever happens the team chief is determined to have Brookes as a rider for 2016.

"Josh and I have an agreement in place, it isn't a signed contract but we've talked about our opportunities for next year," Muir told "I hope to be a bit clearer in the next two weeks on what route we are going to take. I want Josh to be part of those plans but we have to wait and see what happens."

Reflecting on Milwaukee Yamaha's triumphant 2015 season Muir hails it as the perfect campaign while giving Brookes full credit for earning his first BSB title.

"If I reflect on the beginning of the year we've turned a stock bike into a championship-winning bike in a short period of time with a small team," he said. "The most satisfying thing for me is to deliver a new British champion his first championship as I did with Tommy Hill in 2011 and to give Josh his first one after trying for so long speaks volumes for the team we are now.

"We've given Josh the tools to do the job but we have to be clear that Josh earned this championship and fully deserves it. If it was his third or fourth you would know he has been here and done it before but this way you can share in his emotions."


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Yamaha showed their abject failure in rider support back in 2010.After saving their MotoGP project,and winning four world championships in just six years,Valentino Rossi was treated shabbily.
How could anyone be surprised at the actions of a company who could throw away the greatest asset in their portfolio?
They should be on their knees,giving thanks,that Rossi has returned to them.
It seems developing their machine,and delivering champiionships,is what Yamaha expects of their teams & riders.And once that has been achieved the teams and riders become disposable.
Maybe,in light of this,Josh Brookes and SMR would be better of with another marque.