recently offered its viewers the opportunity to ask former MotoGP rider Sylvain Guintoli questions about his 2009 move to the British Superbike Championship with Crescent Suzuki.

This is the first part of what the British-based Frenchman - who spent two years in MotoGP, with Tech 3 Yamaha and then d'Antin Ducati - had to say...

Q - wasabi
Your MotoGP experience is likely to make you an early favourite for the title, but what do you think will be the biggest challenge to face you in 2009?

Sylvain Guintoli
The biggest challenge for me will be learning the circuits. I have only raced at Donington so far, so I will spend the winter learning the layouts, so I can be ready for next season.
Q - nono
Est-ce que ton contrat en BSB ouvre une porte de "rempla?ant" en motogp d'un depilotes titulaire en cas de blessure? Et pour l'avenir est ce qu'une option MOTOGP ou WSBK est envisageable (ou contractuelle?) Merci de ta r?ponse, bye.

Translation: Does your contract with BSB allow you to replace one of the Suzuki MotoGP drivers if they are injured? Have you looked into joining MotoGP or WSBK in the future? (and maybe signed a contract?). Thank you for your answers, bye.

Sylvain Guintoli
Le Team Suzuki-Crescent BSB est gere (comme son nom l'indique!) par la meme societe que le Team Suzuki-Crescent en MotoGP. La connection est donc presente, meme si mon objectif principal pour 2009 est le titre en BSB. Pour 2010, tout est envisageable.

Translation: The Suzuki-Crescent BSB Team is managed, just as its name indicates, by the same people as the Suzuki-Crescent Team in MotoGP. Both are thus linked, but my main goal for 2009 will be to win the title. As for 2010, nothing specific is planned yet.

Q - David C
Which circuit are you looking forward to racing on most in the BSB?

Sylvain Guintoli
Cadwell should be good fun!
Q - Robin
BSB is known for a bit of fairing bashing, paint swapping action. Are you looking forward to mixing it with the Brits or is that a concern? Good luck by the way!

Sylvain Guintoli
This does not bother me too much. Can't wait to get my head down and elbows out!
Q - Wan Rohafizan
Do you think that your experience in MotoGP will serve you well in BSB, especially with a bigger and heavier bike than what you used to race before? Thanks and good luck!

Sylvain Guintoli
Yes it will be better than if I had come from 250 to BSB. The 2008 GSX-R is a very well-balanced package, and I hear the 09 is even better!

Q - mk1 47
Salut Sylvain, pourrais-tu effectu? des piges en WSBK comme Brands Hatch et Donington Park? Se serait cool de te voir sur la sc?ne mondiale, parce que c'est certain que t'as le niveau et c'est toujours super de voir un wild card qui assure!!! En tout cas bonne chance pour ton nouveau challenge, ?a ne va pas ?tre simple mais on est tous derri?re toi!

Translation: Will you compete in WSBK at Brands Hatch [Brands is not on the 2009 calendar -] and Donington Park? It would be great to see you break into the world scene, because you certainly have the skills and experience, and it is always great to have a wild card at the front. Anyway, good luck with your new challenge, it won't be easy but we are all here to back you up!

Sylvain Guintoli
2 wild card en WSBK sont au calendrier 2009.

Translation: 2 wild cards are planned for 2009 in the WSBK.
Q - Gilbert Olsen
What did you think of the mile dirt track race at Indy?

Sylvain Guintoli
Sorry, never heard about it!

Q - alan
BSB then maybe the TT? You would sure get some publicity, it would be such a boost for the worlds finest race.

Sylvain Guintoli
The TT guys are very brave indeed. I saw Bruce Anstey at the recent Bike Show and I can't believe what those guys do on the road. I want to get BSB under my belt before I think about anything as extreme as that!
Q - Dino Zoff
Salut Sylvain
A real shame you are not on the MotoGP grid next year! If you were to chose any bike on the MotoGP grid to ride and win, which one would it be? Do you think you would have done better on Melandri's bike? All the best for the next year and I look forward to seeing you back on the world scene!

Sylvain Guintoli
Tricky one! Every bike has strong and weak points and theses changes every year so it's difficult to answer. Never tried Melandri's bike so can't answer that.
Q - damo
As one of the more consistent GP8 riders this year I am hoping you can clear something up for me, especially with your fantastic result without traction control at the German round!

Many people say the reason Stoner is fast on the Ducati is that he relies a lot on electronics - my question is why don't other GP8 riders just do the same thing if thats what it takes? Does more traction control equal faster lap times?

Sylvain Guintoli
Everyone in MotoGP relies a lot on electronics. Casey is fast first because he is very talented and second because he obviously understood something about his bike that lots of other rider can't (me included!). More traction control doesn't make faster lap times, it's all a question of balance and confidence of the rider.

Q - Nic Brew
Which BSB track are you most looking forward to in the new racing season?

Sylvain Guintoli
Cadwell definitely
Q - tom
It's great that you're joining the BSB series and I wish you every success.
My Question: As an established "Name" is there more pressure on you than, say James Ellison, who went to AMA, learned his craft and then came back to BSB (without the expectations that you carry)?

Sylvain Guintoli
There is more pressure and expectations but that is positive for me and my Team. It means more hard work and more motivation.
Q - gregin8er
Coming directly from MotoGP, do you feel that you will be under pressure to win the title at your first attempt despite being on a new bike and new tracks?
And where do you feel you will have to finish to move directly back into a World Championship the following year, as I presume that is your aim.

Sylvain Guintoli
Sure, there will be pressure, but I will concentrate on being as competitive as possible. I don't know what 2010 will bring, but a BSB title won't do me any harm, that's for sure.
Q - James
Having ridden the 2008 GSXR1000, what are the major changes in the handling and power characteristics of the 2009 machine? How does this compare with your MotoGP Ducati?

Sylvain Guintoli
I have not ridden the 2009 bike yet, so I can't say. However the 08 bike felt very good, and surprisingly agile for a production based bike.
Q - Jeff
How do you find living in England, and have the people you live near taken to you. And have you taken to our crappy weather, because we have had a terrible year over here weather wise. Good luck for '09, and beware them tricky little mickey mouse circuits that crop up from time to time in BSB.

Sylvain Guintoli
I love living here. As you may know my wife is English, so I have to be careful about being too rude about the weather. Anyway, I love riding in the rain :-)


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