recently offered you the chance to get your questions to HM Plant Honda's newest recruit, Joshua Brookes, ahead of his debut in the British Superbike Championship.

Covering his hopes for 2009, his decision to snub the World Superbike stage in favour of the British series and his concerns about British cuisine, read on to find out exactly what the 'turbo skid king' had to say...

I noted Josh Brookes' arrival on the World scene in 2007, mid-season I believe it was, as well as participation in the Suzuka 8 Hours. So, I started looking at the Aussie Superbike/Supersport series. When I found out they don't run rain tires, just cut slicks, I told an Aussie friend and fellow ex-racer, "Well that explains the last 20 or so years of why you down under guys always seem to do well in the wet!? Anyway, a question for Josh, How was the 'spec" of the Stiggy WSS CBR600RR in comparison to the Ten Kate bikes?

Josh Brookes
Hey Randall - Hi to the US -my bike was down on power compared to Ten Kate a little - and in WSS that can be a problem, but that wasn't my greatest concern. The suspension was the biggest stumbling block for us in my opinion. Mostly it took until Sunday morning warm-up before we got a set up that I was comfortable with. And you don't beat Ten Kate that way. All credit to Stiggy and the Team for helping me achieve 3rd in the championship though.

Q - Alex
What I would like to know is..... Why do farmers hate foxes? Also if you were in a gun fight who would you want to be against?

Josh Brookes
Because they eat their chickens...and I'm a lover not a fighter - no guns for me.

Jeremy Merten
Do you think broke back bringelly mountain would be a good place to raise kids? Hit me back I'm your biggest fan, this is Stan

Josh Brookes
Broke Back Crack'n'sak is a great place for kiddies - I grew up OK didn't I?

Q - Steve
What really happened at "Stiggy"? And how is Ant going to handle them?

Josh Brookes
Stiggy is a great guy, and the teams are pros and Ant will do great there - that's not BS, that's the truth. It's just that HM Plant Honda is a better option for me in the future and that's pretty exciting right now.

Q - the enforcer
You ever thought about racing V8s after your career is finished?

Josh Brookes
No, NASCAR for me. Or WRC, but Rossi already has that seat!

Q - Camden Rider
Did you have any other offers in WSS or WSBK or was it an easy decision to go BSB. Fly the Aussie flag brother!!

Josh Brookes
There were about 5 offers floating around from different teams, but really only a couple we actually considered. The decision with HM Plant Honda was easy.

Q - screamin eagle
I heard you had an offer to ride the Buell at the Daytona 200 next year in America, any truth to that?

Josh Brookes
No, the offer was to ride a Buell TO the Daytona 200. And ride a Harley back. I declined.

Q - on the goon
If you had the choice what would you of picked - Petronas triple in WSBK or Illmor in GP? Thanks

Josh Brookes
I'd have Petronas because they actually raced and they had deep pockets. I'd ask them for one extra cylinder though.
Q - Mark Birkett
Are you looking forward to working with Glen Richards next year?? Passing on the extensive track knowledge he clearly has could be a vital factor in whether you succeed or not - was this a HRC plan to put a quick youngster such as yourself with an 'old hand' such as Glen??

Josh Brookes
I am not sure what their plan was with me or the riders they picked, but for sure, I'll learn heaps from Glenn.

Q - Clive
How have you found the team to work with, last year you contended the last round on the Supersport, did you all get on??

Josh Brookes
They are the best I've worked with yet.
Q - Boo
With the benefit of hindsight and with the knowledge that you have a strong BSB deal in your pocket, do you think it is more beneficial in the long-term to have a front line seat in BSB with HM Plant over, say, a potential mid-field place in WSBK with Stiggy?

Josh Brookes
Spot on - that's why we made the decision to go with HM plant Honda.

Q - wasabi
How frustrated are you not to have been promoted to Stiggy's WSBK effort given your success with them this season?

Josh Brookes
Not at all - we had the option, but we declined in favour of HM Plant Honda. Stiggy's a great guy, but it was a business decision.

Q - Scooby Doo
Between you and Sylvain Guintoli, there are some high-profile names coming into BSB in 2009. With that experience behind you, do you think there is there extra pressure for you to win the title in your first year? Is this a realistic aim - what will be the hardest challenges for you to overcome?

Josh Brookes
Firstly, I'll need to use all my experience to date to be able to get close to winning the championship - but yes, it is realistic to go for it. The hardest challenge? Dunno, ask me after the first race...It could be the weather.

Q - Jake Leech
Do you think Ant West, aboard the same bike, with the same team as you last year, has a good shot at winning the WSS title for 2009? As you are familiar with the bike/equipment/team, can you please shed some light..?

Josh Brookes
Yes, definitely. Ant has proven he's quick, hugely experienced from GP years, if anyone can knock off Ten Kate, I'd put my money on Ant.