Rizla Suzuki's John Reynolds led the second race at Snetterton round three of BSB right from the first corner to the chequered flag. The Suzuki star started fourth on the grid again for the second race but a brilliant start saw him clearly ahead by the first corner. Reynolds had a lonely time at the front and by lap 14 he had pulled out a 1.5second lead over then second placed man Sean Emmett.

By this time Rutter, who had another terrible start, had managed to claw his way back from seventh to third. He used the superior power of the HM Honda to disband with Emmett so he could chase down Reynolds lead. However Reynolds seemed to respond to Rutter's charge and upped his pace to stop him from closing the gap too much. It was during this attack on Reynolds, which lasted the remainder of the race, that Rutter set a new lap record of 1min 05.909seconds.

Race one winner, Yukio Kagayama of Rizla Suzuki, could only manage a fourth after his exceptionally tiring first race. A momentary loss of concentration made him make a mistake under braking which caused him to run wide. Kagayama was running in third before the mistake which allowed the storming Rutter to take the position easily as he went on his way to the front.

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Monstermob Ducati's Sean Emmett done well to stay up with Reynolds for so much of the race, even though his V-Twin Ducati seemed to lose a lot of ground to the four-cylinder machine. Once Rutter had gone through to take second, Emmett seemed to slow after seeing that he had a buffer over fourth placed Kagayama.

Sendo Ducati's Dean Thomas put in a solid ride to finish ahead of Hawk Kawasaki's Scott Smart in fifth and sixth respectively. Smart had shown a great amount of skill by placing his Kawasaki in second from the start. However a mistake on lap eight saw him go from fourth to ninth as he managed to regain control and get back on the track.

The struggling Steve Plater of Virgin Yamaha found a turn of speed in the second race, even though he was taken out of race one after a fall which caused him some injury. Steve Plater finished eighth, and run at the very front of the field for the first part of the race, even though he is carrying a list of injuries a mile long from previous crashes.

Top ten

1 Reynolds
2 Rutter
3 Emmett
4 Kagayama
5 Thomas
6 Smart
7 Richards
8 Plater
9 Hill
10 Kiyonari

Top ten

1 John Reynolds
2 Michael Rutter
3 Sean Emmett
4 Yukio Kagayama
5 Dean Thomas
6 ScottSmart
7 Glen Richards
8 Steve Plater
9 Tommy Hill
10 Ryuichi Kiyonari