The first race of the twelfth round of British Superbikes from Oulton Park saw Championship leader John Reynolds take the win ahead of his main title competitor Michael Rutter, although the Honda rider led the field over the line.

The first race saw Reynolds take the lead on the opening lap with Steve Plater in second ahead of Gary Mason, Michael Rutter and Sean Emmett in fifth.

From here Reynolds took control of the race taking out a five second lead over the field as the race progressed.

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Rutter made his way past the two Yamaha riders to secure second by the end of the third lap.

Hard charging Yukio Kagayama by this time had made his way from tenth on the first lap to fifth after taking Emmett on the start-finish straight. He then proceeded to take fourth placed Plater, who then run wide allowing Emmett through as well.

Kagayama then launched an all out attack to get past Mason in order to chase down Rutter. Kagayama tried a brave move on the Yamaha rider which caused them both to run wide, allowing Emmett to take both positions. Unfortunately for Mason he was pushed out onto the grass, losing many places.

Kagayama soon re-took Emmett and started again after Rutter.

As all this battle for third was raging, Reynolds continued to extend his lead from Rutter until on the 12th lap when rain started to fall. As the Suzuki rider came across the line to finish the 12th lap he raised his hand to signal dangerous conditions.

In the interests of safety the race was stopped on this lap, with the re-start to be run over the remaining eight laps.

The grid was decided on the positions of the 11th lap where Reynolds led Rutter, Kagayama, Emmett, Plater, Richards, Thomas and Mason in eighth.

Going into the second part of the race Reynolds had a five second lead over Rutter and knew all he had to do was finish just behind Rutter without the Honda rider taking out too much of a lead in order to secure the win.

On the re-start, which was declared wet although the rain had stopped and the track had dried, Reynolds got the hole shot into the first corner ahead of Rutter, Kagayama and Emmett.

Rutter then managed to slip past Reynolds but the Suzuki rider knew it was not in the championship interest to battle with the Honda rider as on corrected time he still had the lead.

Rutter would have needed a six second lead over Reynolds to take the win, which turned out to be a too tall an order as now Reynolds was behind the Honda rider he could just match the title competitor for speed to take the win.

Behind second on the track Reynolds was a mammoth battle for third with Emmett just behind Kagayama.

On corrected time Kagayama had the third place by 0.95 seconds therefore Emmett had to take Kagayama and pull over a second ahead.

Despite taking Kagayama on the road Emmett could not get the advantage he needed to take the position as Reynolds was not willing to let Rutter take any lead over him. Therefore whenever Emmett tried to take Reynolds in order to get away from Kagayama, the leading Suzuki would re-take the position.

By the end of the race Emmett just led Reynolds over the line but Kagayama was close enough behind to take the third spot by only 0.095secs.

Reynolds now has a 38 point lead over Rutter with 75 points left up for grabs.

Race one top ten
1. John Reynolds
2. Michael Rutter
3. Yukio Kagayama
4. Sean Emmett
5. Steve Plater
6. Glen Richards
7. Dean Thomas
8. Scott Smart
9. Tommy Hill
10. Paul Brown