Mike Jordan has admitted that he isn't yet 100 per cent sure of whether or not he will be on the HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship grid in 2009.

Jordan created history this season when he teamed up with son Andrew to become the first ever father and son team in the history of the series.

The pair have since gone on to be one of the most evenly matched driver pairings on the grid, with the John Guest Racing Honda Integras often appearing alongside each other on the timing sheets over the course of the year with the younger Jordan impressing many during a debut year that saw him take two overall podium finishes.

Jordan Sr has already admitted that the time will come in the future when he needs to stand down from racing to aid Andrew as he progresses with his own career and while he was being coy about what the plans were for 2009, he admitted that nothing was yet set in stone.

"Super 2000 cars," he told Crash.net when asked what he was looking for in 2009 with the team's Honda Integras already up for sale. "I'm not going to give anything away.

"We could carry on with the Integra as they are great cars. For the right team, someone coming from SEATs or Clios, you won't do better than the Integra as they are solid and are durable and are relatively inexpensive to run. They are bloody good cars but I need to look at the bigger picture and as far as Andrew is concerned, I need to see him in a car that is capable of wining outright net year.

"Naturally, the Super 2000 cars will keep evolving but we can't do that with these cars. To be honest, I don't think there is anything to evolve anyway as I think Dynamics did it all when they had it. We can't move them forwards and they are what they are. For Andrew's next step forward, he needs to be in a more modern car.

"I'm looking at all possibilities at the moment for the future. I've had discussions with our sponsors lately and we have talked openly about those options of running two cars or running one car. To step up to two S2000 cars would be very tough and I would be surprised if we were in a position to do that. Even if I had the level of funding to do that, even though I love driving in touring cars and adore it, it is more important now to give Andy the right breaks over the coming years.

"That might well mean that next year we run one car and I manage it and concentrate on looking after him. At the moment, I'm not 100 per cent decided but I am a fair way down the road."