Jason Plato says he is weighing up his future racing options within the BTCC - and possibly out of the series - as the former double champion waits for TOCA to clarify the 2015 regulations.

This year's championship runner up has again called upon TOCA to shine a light on the direction in which the 2015 regulations will go down as the BTCC driver market is set to ignite over the closed season period.

Plato helped MG secure this season's manufacturer crown last weekend at the Brands Hatch finale but, when talking to crash.net, the current Triple Eight Engineering driver said he has a number of options within the BTCC and beyond for 2015.

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The 47-year old says he will only stay in FWD machinery if the series rules are levelled out for next season.

"There are quite a few deals to be done actually. There are deals within touring cars and deals out of touring cars," Plato told crash.net.

"I want to remain in the BTCC but I need to understand what's happening with the regulations. I need to understand what's what.

"If they're not going to change the regulations then I'll go RWD. That could mean that I'll start my own team up or go somewhere else. It could mean all sorts of things. It could mean we'll stay here and I'll go out and buy some RWD cars. If the regulations are equalised, which is what I think needs to be done - then I'll stay with a FWD car."

Commercially Plato is still a very attractive prospect and coupling that with the level of his performances this season the 88-time BTCC winner is confident he'll find himself in the right situation for 2015.

Plato has been the only FWD runner to have consistently challenged the runaway 2014 champion Colin Turkington after taking the title race to the final weekend of the season.

"You know its great fun at the minute. My stocks very high and I come with the best sponsors in the business," he continued.

"I'm the best FWD driver at the minute so there's a lot to be excited about with some great deals on the table. I'm not in any rush really. If there's the right deal to be done, and I think there is, we can start progressing with planning further ahead. But until we know what's happening exactly, we can't really."

Finally, Plato believes TOCA will act on the regulations for next season but warns that it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

"My grievances are based upon 17-years of touring cars experience in this game. It's also 17-years of knowing whose engineering opinions and abilities I trust," said Plato.

"There are a lot of very skilled people in my team and I know that they've crunched the numbers and can present the telling facts. We're not clever enough to know but they do.

"I would imagine TOCA will be making some changes now. I certainly don't imagine they will sit back and do nothing. But I want to know tomorrow, I want to know now. This is their business and my business so I want to know what's going on."


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Well if Plato does leave the other BTCC competitors will no longer have to worry about Plato behind them looking for a place to punt them off so he can get past.