Coventry could become the first city to host a competitive street race in the United Kingdom since 1990 after unveiling plans to host a 'sprint event' in 2015.

Coming in the wake of a government decision to grant councils powers to turn public roads into temporary race tracks, Coventry has will stage time trials on public roads using British Touring Cars and British Formula 3 machines as part of its 'Motofest' event.

Coventry's ring road will be the scene for the event, though racing will be subject to approval by the Motorsport Industry Association.

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Going forward, the event could pave the way for a full-scale street racing event to be included on the racing calendar in 2016.

"We are so excited to announce competitive motor sport on the Coventry Ring Road," said James Noble, Motofest Festival Director.

"This was a big part of our vision when Motofest was first developed and we are so grateful to Coventry City Council for its forward-thinking approach in enabling us to make it a reality.

"We are delighted at the opportunity to partner with the BARC, Britain's premier racing club, as they will enable us to bring elite UK motorsport to Coventry's roads.

"With Coventry's rich motoring heritage and history, it feels like the right fit to be racing in Coventry and we can't wait to make it happen."

It is 14 years since the last competitive racing event was held on British public roads, with the Birmingham Super Prix - which held Formula 3000 and BTCC events - running between 1986 and 1990.