3rd - Mat Jackson Average score out of ten: 7.1 Team: Airwaves Racing Car: Ford Focus ST Wins: 2 Podiums: 7 Poles: 4 Fastest Laps: 0 Championship points: 316 Championship position: 4th out of 32

In 2014 Mat Jackson enjoyed his strongest BTCC campaign since 2011 as he cracked the overall top four for the first time since 2011, even if the numbers of his 2014 season only tell half of the story.

One of the series' more regular front runners, the 2014 season began with Jackson almost consigned to the sidelines, with his deal to continue at Airwaves Racing only coming at the eleventh hour.

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When Jackson did eventually appear in Motorbase colours, the 2008 BTCC runner up then had to contend with the returning BTCC legend of Fabrizio Giovanardi as his Airwaves team mate having had very little pre-season running.

Any Jackson fan needn't have worried. Although the Motorbase Ford Focus did underperform for much of the season's first half, it was evidently clear that Jackson was exceeding what the car was capable of whilst also making Giovanardi look very ordinary at times.

Once the Motorbase engineers finally got a handle of the tricky Focus challenger, Jackson soon became one of the form drivers of the season, finishing every race and picking up seven podiums in all, including two victories at Knockhill and Silverstone - the first of which ended a two-year winless streak.

His regular points all added up to ensure the 33-year old outscored Giovanardi by an unthinkable near 200-point margin, a feat you have recognised here by voting him in third place overall for the BTCC Driver of the Year vote.

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Rather than repeat the Drivers' BTCC standings, the BTCC Driver of the Year poll asks viewers to take into account factors such as machinery, performance relative to a team-mate, driving style, experience, injuries, progress and personality just as much as race results.

Thousands of votes were cast for the 2014 Crash.net BTCC Driver of the Year poll, where viewers awarded each of this year's top twenty classification a mark out of ten.