Two-time British Touring Car Champion Jason Plato predicts this weekend's Brands Hatch opener could well be set for a straight fight between Team BMR and Triple Eight.

Plato left the Triple Eight MG operation at the end of 2014 to join the highly ambitious Team BMR project - alongside nemesis and defending champion Colin Turkington - behind the wheel of the vastly improved Volkswagen CC.

Positive noises have emerged from the BMR camp following an encouraging pre-season program -amplified by Plato and Turkington showcasing the CC's pace at the Donington Media test by setting the quickest times - but the 88-time race winner reckons the pecking order will be difficult to predict.

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Nevertheless, Plato still expects the BMR Volkswagen's will be able to cause a nuisance at the business end of the field as the 2015 team/driver combinations looks set to serve up a vintage BTCC season.

"We're going to be competitive on the day," Plato told "Whether we're going to be able to dial it in on the day, we'll have to wait and see.

"I'm confident but we're not overly confident, I think we're quietly optimistic that we're going to be on the pace. But it's going to be a case of getting everything all aligned in making sure we get the right balance on the car.

"We have a plan and if we're not competitive, I'll be p****d because we are now and we should be there. But we've just got to make sure we get the car set up correctly and we bolt down the reliability.

"One thing's for sure is that it will be Team BMR and Triple Eight at the sharp end. I'm not discounting Honda but they haven't done enough miles. I think we'll certainly be fighting for pole-position.

"The main is we've got to get away from Brands Hatch with three good scoring points, if we can win some races then great!"

In terms of developing the BMR Volkswagen, Plato - not yet completely in-sync with the CC but utilising his extensive FWD knowhow - believes there is still more performance to come from the package though he warned not to expect any herculean steps due to the nature of the rules.

"There's probably more development left in this because we're not happy with it. I know at the end of last year that the MG was the best FWD car by a mile. So I know they won't make any big changes because you just can't," the 88-time race winner continued.

"We know what range of springs work with the car like we know what damper window we can work within. But we're only tickling here and there with what we've already learnt. We've been up down, left and right with this car over the winter.

"Really - as we all know - the only way we can improve the thing is if we can make major changes, which of course we're not allowed to do."