Derek Palmer has been forced to sit out races two and three at Donington Park after an engine issue with his Infiniti Q50 curtails the rest of his running.

Palmer had finished 22nd in the first race at the Leicestershire circuit but said an engine issue - which effectively initiated his Q50 to go into limp mode - severely hindered his progress.

The 28 year old expressed his disappointment in not being able to build on the changes made to the Q50 machine from qualifying, which he said had already had a positive effect on the Infiniti's balance through the corners.

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"Yeah obviously massively disappointed," Palmer told "We made some changes to the car from qualifying to the race that actually improved the balance.

"The car felt good through the corners. The data was showing our corner entry and exit speeds were higher but the engine was in the process of limp home. It seems to have tightened up.

"We couldn't pull sixth gear really anywhere. I just about pull sixth going up the hill whereas yesterday in qualifying the engine was performing a lot better.

"It's one of these things, rough with the smooth. We need to take the positives from it. We've improved the balance with the Infiniti, it's becoming a better and better car every race."

Palmer added that he and his Support Our Paras Racing squad are still unsure as to what caused the Q50 engine to restrict its power output.

"We can take some kind of solace that the balance is better but obviously we can't use that because the engine has gone, it's disappointing," Palmer continued.

"We're waiting for the Swindon guys to come back to us. They've already had a look on it and haven't been able to find anything on the data that massively stands."