Mercedes' Adam Morgan is confident he should be in the mix at the sharp end as the A-Class driver predicts weight will play its part at Thruxton's BTCC round.

The WIX Racing driver maintained the A-Class' consistent run of form and qualified the Mercedes into fourth position during yesterday's frantic session.

Morgan did actually leap up into pole-position but his best lap was erased by the race officials after he was one of many drivers to get caught out by the prominent track limits debacle.

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"It was all a bit of a rush to be honest. We were down in 11th with five minutes to go and I was like 'bloody hell, we need to get a time in!' said Morgan.

"I then managed to get a time in and my engineer came on the radio during the first sector saying 'pole!' but by the end of the second sector it had been disallowed. Thankfully I managed to get another one in so I'm happy with P4 at the end of it.

"I appreciate it's very hard for the officials to judge but then again at different times we're hitting the sausage kerb on every lap. It's harder for them to judge.

"Like you said, when everyone is doing it's even harder still. If it was completely equal it wouldn't be a problem. Sometimes you get away with it and sometimes you don't, that's when it gets frustrating."

Ahead of today's races, Morgan has already pinpointed the threat both Honda's will pose despite Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden running a colossal amount of success ballast.

"Looking at the cars around, the guys in front are all carrying more weight - especially the two Honda's. We've got quite good race pace so hopefully we'll be there at the end," Morgan continued.

"The Honda's are still bloody quick! Matt Neal can still do that lap time with 75 kg on board. He's going to be quick to start with but we're hoping the weight will kill his tyres so we can attack at the end. We'll be going for it, 100%."