Triple Eight's Jack Goff was pleased to bounce back to P7 after his initial lap time was deleted by the stewards following his MG failing a mid-session ride height check at Oulton Park.

Goff managed to produce the goods under a substantial amount of pressure as the MG racer faced the prospect of starting race one from the back as the session reached it's climax.

The 24-year old said it was just a simple tyre pressure misjudgment - when swapping the fronts to the rears - which lowered the MG beneath the allowance of the ride height regulation.

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"I was up against a little bit. Obviously having our first lap times disallowed is one of those things," Goff told

"When you go out on a second set of tyres, you've got the rears on the front and the fronts on the rear. So generally the rear tyre pressures are lower and that caught us out because we came in and the ride height was lower as the pressures were lower.

"We were in at the deep a little bit with only getting two laps at the end. Had we had another we would have been P4 maybe."

Regardless of the mishap in qualifying, Triple Eight look to have made real progress with the MG this weekend. From Goff's side, the former Volkswagen driver says he's just simply benefiting from getting more seat time.

"Definitely yeah, I think I'm just getting more used to the car now. I didn't do much pre-season testing, I did two days.

"When you compare it with some of the people up the pit-lane who have done 10-14 days, it's not enough.

"I also hadn't driven this car around here before FP1. Like you say, a lot of people have been here, done some testing and have a good understanding of what the car is going to do.

"I think we've got a good race car under us. It's just going to be a case of staying out of trouble in the first few laps and see what happens," the MG driver concluded.