West Surrey Racing's Andy Priaulx shoulders the responsibility after accidentally taking out his team mate Rob Collard during race two at Oulton Park.

The BMW duo arrived into the final lap of the 15 lap race sitting a in a strong fourth and fifth.

As Collard led his WSR team mate into the Island hairpin for the final time, Priaulx sensed an opportunity to engineer a move on his BMW counterpart when exiting the corner.

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However, Priaulx misjudged the angle and hit the rear left of Collard's 1 Series, putting him out on the spot. The former WTCC ace also received damage of his own but limped home to 13th.

"It's annoying. I had a great race. I was on the soft tyre, I had ballast on board and I saw Rob [Collard] coming to me and I got closer and closer," Priaulx told crash.net.

"If I'm being totally honest, I shouldn't have even been there. It's the lap of the race and I should have settled for fifth. I got ambitious and went for fourth. I f****d it for myself and I f****d his race up as well. I take full responsibility for it.

"I was trying to put under pressure so he would go off line, run a bit wide and I would tuck in on the exit on the way up the hill. It was a hero or zero move and I ended up a zero.

"It's the first time I've ever done that with a team mate. I've apologised to Rob and he's good with it. I'm just really sorry for the whole team because we had a fourth and a fifth up until that point. I f****d it all up."

On a positive note, Priaulx had anticipated a difficult second race on the soft tyre but the WSR man admitted the pace he was able to find was a pleasant surprise.

"I must say, I was wrong. I honestly thought the car would be a dog and it was beautiful. The tyre stayed really good. It's only my second proper race on this tyre because at Brands Hatch I totally f****d it up as I just pushed too hard on the tyre.

"At Donington I never got a long run on it. So this is my first long run on the soft. To be fair, I looked after it through the first five laps and the race was coming to me. Hero to Zero."