AmD's Nicolas Hamilton declared his maiden British Touring Car weekend as a milestone after guiding his Audi S3 to three solid race finishes at Croft.

Much had been speculated on how the younger brother of double F1 world champion Lewis would fare around the North Yorkshire circuit. But Hamilton made definite progress over the course of the event, trimming significant amounts off his lap time and kept the mistakes to a minimum.

Hamilton's best result came in the final race of the day where he finished in 22nd position.

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"A milestone, it's been tough but I knew it would be," Hamilton told "We've really focused hard and ticked all the boxes of what we needed to do. All the build up towards this weekend, I always said it's just a development programme for us, don't expect anything too great.

"I've just tried to be as mature as I could be about it. I didn't want to go off and make too many mistakes. At the same time, I think it's good to be going off onto the dirt because that means your pushing the limits and knowing what the car is capable of.

"It's been three year's since I've driven and this is the BTCC. It's a completely different championship to what I've driven before and so I've think we've done really well. I'm proud of myself, proud of the team and proud of everyone involved who helped put me in this position."

The 23-year old hopes the end product of his development will allow himself to mix it with the top guns but the Audi S3 driver maintains he is still some way off of that horizon.

"At the end of the day their just humans, aren't they?" Hamilton continued. "It's just that some have more experience than others and obviously I admire these guys for what they do. I'm sitting in the car and thinking 'these guys are fantastic'.

"At the same time, as I always said, I need to forget about them and almost not care what they're doing and focus on myself. We're working on our own programme about progressing.

"The likes of [Jason] Plato were in touring cars when I was only just born and now I'm racing against people like that, it's phenomenal but I have to forget about and focus on myself. Hopefully soon in a couple of year's you'll see me rubbing doors with them."