Team BMR have admitted that Aron Smith did ignore team orders imposed to help Jason Plato and Colin Turkington's title bid during the British Touring Car Championship finale at Brands Hatch.

The Volkswagen squad confirmed that Smith ignored multiple messages from the pit-wall requesting him to drop back in the pack so Plato and Turkington could score extra points during the first race.

Plato angrily voiced his disapproval over Smith's actions in a live television interview after the race but BMR boss Warren Scott originally defended the Irishman by putting it down to a genuine 'miscommunication'.

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However, the 2015 BTCC teams' champions have since backtracked on their initial comments and released a detailed statement on Wednesday evening concerning the fiasco.

"We would like to start off by confirming that during 2015 all Team BMR drivers were free to race each other. There were no team orders until the point where drivers were unable to win the Drivers' championship," the statement explains.

"Lengthy discussions during team meetings over the duration of the weekend took place between management and drivers, and it was agreed when team orders would and should be used.

"An agreement was entered into by all parties that when certain scenarios arose, a clear instruction would be given to the drivers by their engineers. These instructions were to be actioned without delay.

"During Race 1, clear instructions were given over the radio to Aron Smith numerous times to assist his team mates. Despite these instructions Aron did not adhere to those team requests, continuing to race and maintain his podium position, and in doing so, taking valuable points away from his teammates."

It was also revealed that Smith was reluctant to allow Plato through during the second race before eventually allowing his team mate past.

"During Race 2, Aron was again asked numerous times to follow team orders. These requests were eventually complied with.

"Team BMR fully acknowledges and indeed understands the frustrations verbalised by Jason Plato, after Team BMR instructions were not directly followed by Aron Smith which cost Colin, Jason and the team the opportunity of scoring vital points."

The release also includes a written response from Smith where the three-time BTCC race winner expresses his 'regret' over some of the decisions he made at the season finale.

"Having looked back on this weekend's races I humbly regret not doing more to help them claim the title that they so definitely deserved," said Smith.

"This year I have seen first-hand all the work that has gone into these cars and I regret allowing a weekend of high emotion and quick decisions to in any way reduce BMR's chances of taking the coveted crown. These guys have been a family to me for the last two years and I wish that I had made a few different decisions at the time.

"I made a mistake and I'm only sorry that this time it did not just affect me, but it effected my team mates and the people who worked so hard to get the car in with a fighting chance. I am both honoured and proud to be part of BMR's team win and part of the best team in the paddock."

Team BMR added the matter has been dealt with internally and consider the situation to have been resolved.