Double British Touring Car Champion Colin Turkington admitted his Subaru Levorg was 'quicker than expected' after beating Honda's Gordon Shedden following a near race-long tussle during the Snetterton opener.

The Silverline Subaru Team BMR driver sat patiently behind Shedden's Honda Civic Type-R for two thirds of the race and seized his opportunity on the inside of Palmer's during the eighth lap of the race.

Once the move was completed, the Levorg's pace proved a step too far for Shedden as Turkington sailed home for his third win of 2016, moving him up to ninth in the standings in the process.

"My car was quicker than I was expecting and maybe Gordon [Shedden] was a bit slower than I was expecting. He was defending very hard into the two hairpins which was the obvious place to pass," said Turkington.

"I knew it was going to be very difficult to pass and it wasn't going to be straightforward. The other side of me knew you've got to get to the finish. I just tried to be patient and keep the pressure on and wait for half an opening.

"When you get one chance you've got to go for it. I'm just really pleased to win because I didn't think it was on the cards today."

Midway through the race Turkington - among other drivers - was placed under investigation for a potential jump start but the Ulsterman doesn't feel he jumped the gun off the line.

"I'm not sure what the story is on that. I didn't get a fantastic start. I got a slightly better start than Gordon and got alongside him but I wasn't fast enough to get around the outside and I thought that was my one chance to win the race. So I'm not really sure on that one," Turkington explained.

"It certainly didn't feel like a jump start but we'll wait and see. The team might tell me more."

Since talking to the press, no further action has been taken regarding the investigation for Turkington's potential jump start.