British Touring Car Championship leader Sam Tordoff has braced himself for a challenging weekend at Silverstone but has still set himself the target of securing 30-points prior to qualifying.

The West Surrey Racing driver is five-points ahead of nearest championship rival Matt Neal but, like Honda, his BMW outfit are expected to struggle around the power orientated National layout of the Grand Prix venue.

Tordoff, along with Rob Collard and Jack Goff, were among the slowest in the speed traps following the second practice running, where the points leader set the 12th quickest time.

While hoping to pick up a tow in the 30-minute qualifying shootout, Tordoff said he isn't prepared to risk his own run by attempting to choreograph a slipstream from someone else.

"I think we're OK. We're going to struggle and speed traps speak for themselves. We have to best of the rest in terms of BMW, hopefully better than the Hondas," Tordoff told

"Straight-line speed is obviously an issue so getting a tow will be crucial. I'll have to tow up to whoever will let me. I think will definitely make a difference in qualifying.

"It's difficult to manage completely because everyone has got to do their own thing. Sometimes you can mess your own lap up while trying to choreograph something rather than getting on with the job.

"My plan is to get on and do that job while looking for a tow along the way."

Looking to optimise every ounce of the 1 Series' handling capabilities, Tordoff believes his BMW outfit are heading in the right set-up direction as qualifying looms.

"We had too much to do and not enough time in FP2. But everyone is on the back foot a bit. The rain from FP1 put our plans into jeopardy a little bit," Tordoff continued.

"Initially I wasn't happy with the balance in FP2 but we made great progress so I think we've got a good direction of where we need to go for qualifying. We'll change a few more bits for qualifying, hopefully in the right way."

Having set himself the target of scoring 30-points this weekend, Tordoff mindful of the bigger pictures, says anything more would be a bonus.

"We've just got to come here and score. It's easy to say we're going to struggle here because it's not a circuit which suits us and we've got 75 kilos of ballast. But then again the Hondas have also got 66 and 57 kilos of ballast. We're all not in a great position on that front - Honda maybe less so than us," said the BMW driver.

"It's easy to get disheartened but you've got to remember all the guys at the front are running almost as much weight as myself.

"I think 30 would be a good point's haul. Anything more would be a bonus."