Two safety car periods and a diminshed field last lap dash to the chequered flag saw Rob Huff take his first victory in the British Touring Car Championship.

Far too many cars trying to get round Druids after a James Thompson moment at Paddock Hill Bend saw James Kaye take to the tyre barrier though he seemingly wasn't involved in any contact.

The difficultly of moving Kaye's car meant that it was looking like a race which would finish under caution, but the marshals managed to move the car just in time for the safety car to peel in for one final lap of action.

The top ten lined up Plato, Neal, Muller, Huff, Bentwood, Reid, Turkington, Hines, Chilton, Thompson for what was sure to be an epic final tour. It didn't disappoint.

Neal, who had moved through the field and was closing in on Plato before the safety car made its second appearance of the race, nudged Plato wide and all hell broke loose.

"He gave me a kiss, but he's obviously an agressive lover," said Plato of Neal's move down Paddock Hill Bend, but Neal missed out too as Yvan Muller jinked left then right to take both up into Druids.

There were cars everywhere across the track fighting for position into Graham Hill Bend, but it was Huff who won through with the lead after Muller had outbraked himself with his earlier move.

Michael Bentwood confirmed a strong and fiesty return to the BTCC field with the final podium place whilst Matt Neal took fourth ahead of the recovering Muller.

Top ten
1. Rob Huff
2. Jason Plato
3. Michael Bentwood
4. Matt Neal
5. Yvan Muller
6. Anthony Reid
7. Luke Hines
8. Tom Chilton
9. Rob Collard
10. Carl Breeze


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