Pastor Maldonado set the early pace as World Series by Renault testing opened in Barcelona, but the Venezuelan had to survive an afternoon assault from nearest rival Colin Fleming to keep the honour heading in to day two.

Fleming pushed Maldonado closest in the morning session, although the Draco man was 0.7secs faster than his Carlin rival, before turning the tables and heading the 29-car field in the afternoon. The American was also kept on his toes, however, and his challenger was slightly unexpected, as series rookie Andy Soucek backed up his strong 2005 testing form with third and second places in the day's two sessions.

The new Spanish F3 champion was half a second slower than Fleming in the spread-out morning session, before raising his game to get within 0.1secs after lunch. Maldonado was only seventh fastest in the second session, but had done enough early on to retain top spot at the end of the day, while Soucek's performance would suggest that the Interwetten team will pick him to partner Eric Salignon, despite also having Carlos Iaconelli on its books prior to snapping up the available Frenchman

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Although all 30 cars were present in Spain, only 29 managed to record a time as James Rossiter was sidelined by a prior engagement with the Honda F1 team. While the Briton completed his programme in Italy, several rivals established themselves as potential frontrunners by featuring in the top ten in both sessions.

Maldonado, Fleming and Soucek aside, Davide Valsecchi, Mihael Aleshin and Alx Danielsson all did the double, while Patrick Pilet, Robbie Kerr, Tomas Kostka, Borja Garcia, Milos Pavlovic, Salignon, Ben Hanley and Steven Kane all took turns in the top third, with Britain well represented despite Rossiter's absence.

The test gave the 15 teams a chance to test their cars with their new aero package for the first time, having not been on track since last December, and there were the inevitable teething problems. Christian Montanari, in particular, struggled with a recalcitrant gearbox in the morning, then electronic gremlins after lunch. The San Marino driver climbed to 13th spot in the later session, having been stone last earlier on. There were also excursions for Maldonado, Soucek, Alvaro Parente, Alvaro Barba, the latter trio returning with damage to bodywork and suspension.

There were also a few new faces to get accustomed to, with late signings Hayanari Shimoda, Pascal Kochem and Tor Graves in action for Victory Engineering and Eurointernational respectively. Given his greater experience of more powerful machinery, it was little surprise that Shimoda emerged the fastest of the trio, taking 15th in the afternoon session after opening with 18th before lunch.

Most teams eschewed the chance to take new tyres, preferring to learn their revised machines on used rubber, although a few fitted the better option late in the day.

Leading performances (22 March) - Barcelona:

Pastor Maldonado Draco 1min 26.673secs 1min 28.653secs Colin Fleming Carlin 1min 27.385secs 1min 27.750secs Andy Soucek 1min 27.858secs 1min 27.851secs Patrick Pilet GD 1min 29.798secs 1min 27.893secs Davide Valsecchi Epsilon Euskadi 1min 28.756secs 1min 28.006secs Alx Danielsson Comtec 1min 28.119secs 1min 28.666secs Mihael Aleshin Carlin 1min 28.296secs 1min 28.263secs Milos Pavlovic Cram 1min 28.511secs 1min 28.882secs Robbie Kerr KTR 1min 29.757secs 1min 28.536secs Tomas Kostka Draco 1min 30.987secs 1min 28.664secs Borja Garcia RC 1min 29.303secs 1min 28.704secs Ben Hanley Cram 1min 29.184secs 1min 29.019secs Eric Salignon 1min 29.054secs 1min 29.419secs Christian Montanari Prema 1min 49.145secs 1min 29.091secs Steven Kane Epsilon Euskadi 1min 29.302secs 1min 29.803secs Alvaro Barba Jenzer 1min 29.309secs 1min 30.650secs Hayanari Shimoda Victory 1min 30.287secs 1min 29.668secs Sean McIntosh KTR 1min 30.698secs 1min 29.921secs Alvaro Parente Victory 1min 29.957secs 1min 30.151secs Gregory Franchi Prema 1min 30.024secs 1min 30.578secs Celso Miguez Pons 1min 31.068secs 1min 30.087secs Ryo Fukuda Tech 1 1min 30.207secs 1min 31.792secs Bruce Jouanny RC 1min 30.394secs 1min 30.215secs Matteo Meneghello GD 1min 31.123secs 1min 30.245secs Jerome d'Ambrosio Tech 1 1min 30.915secs no time Pascal Kochem Eurointernational 1min 30.954secs 1min 31.202secs Alessandro Bonetti Jenzer 1min 31.409secs 1min 31.003secs Edwin Jowsey Comtec 1min 32.231secs 1min 32.964secs Tor Graves Eurointernational 1min 35.634secs 1min 33.634secs

James Rossiter Pons no time no time

[Times displayed AM/PM, with fastest in bold]