John Surtees has expressed his dissatisfaction with the results being produced by Robbie Kerr and Sean McIntosh in this year's World Series by Renault, but refused to lay the blame squarely at the feet of either the drivers or their KTR team.

Speaking to during the recent A1 Grand Prix test at Pembrey, Surtees admitted that both Kerr and McIntosh - graduates from the British and Canadian A1 teams respectively - had not enjoyed the best of luck in their debut WS campaigns, but had also not performed to the level which Surtees had hoped for.

"Things have not gone well, to be frank, not as well as expected," the former world champion admitted, "The franchise holders have been very supportive and went along with financing the programme but, at the moment, I'm not quite sure why [things are the way they are].

"The performance has not been of the level I expected, and it is something which, of course, we will be looking into. But Robbie and Sean haven't had the best of luck either, and both have been used as buffers on occasion by some of the more impetuous drivers in the series. Robbie was even wiped out last weekend in the pits, and that's rather bad on the team, bad on the driver and bad on those people that support them, and of no fault of their own."

Despite the lack of success in what is proving to be an open season in the World Series, Surtees refuses to believe that it was the wrong move to place his two A1 pilots - he is a consultant to both British and Canadian teams - with KTR for the 2006 campaign.

"They haven't had the best of luck, but also they haven't been as much on the pace as I thought, and that is being looked at," he confirmed, "However, that is nothing against the actual programme, which I think is very good and has given both drivers an opportunity to contest a very competitive formula."

Kerr and McIntosh are back in action this weekend, as KTR tackles the next round of the World Series on home soil at Spa-Francorchamps.