Formula 1 chairman emeritus Bernie Ecclestone has pointed the finger of blame at McLaren for its split from Honda after three years of unreliable and underpowered engines.

McLaren is expected to announce its divorce from Honda in Singapore as part of a ‘mega-deal’ which will see the Woking-based team secure Renault engines from 2018 with Honda switching supply to Toro Rosso.

The official confirmation of the deals is expected within the next 48 hours with the FIA lining up Friday’s Singapore GP team principal press conference with Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul speaking alongside McLaren CEO Zak Brown in part one, while Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa is lined up next to Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost and Red Bull head Christian Horner in the second part of the press conference.

Reports emerging in the Daily Mail indicate the McLaren-Renault deal is tied up which will also see Fernando Alonso re-sign on a one-year deal, according to the sport’s chairman emeritus Ecclestone.

But Ecclestone blames McLaren for not cooperating with Honda as the key reason behind the partnership’s downfall while he is pleased to see the British squad keep Alonso in F1 for 2018.

“I can't see why McLaren will be any happier with Renault than they are with Honda,” Ecclestone told the Daily Mail. “It wasn't Honda's fault things didn't work out, it was McLaren's. Every day they had a fight about everything, instead of working with them, which was a little bit stupid.

“The Renault deal is all done. Alonso staying is super news.”

As part of the complicated deal orchestrated between several teams, Carlos Sainz is predicted to be loaned to Renault as part of a sweetener in the deal which will allow 2016 GP2 Series champion Pierre Gasly to graduate to Toro Rosso for 2018.


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Still spewing his bile! Why report on this type of garbage?

Yep its offical: the little one has lost the last piece of brain cell he had left. Bonkers.

He is right. Mclaren have been nothing but crybabies all throughout the last 2 years. Then they went ahead and changed their oil in the middle of Honda's engine development. In F1, oil properties can make or break engine and they are a very critical part of prototypes. Honda were steadily building up for reliability before they were let down by Mclaren and its whiny attitude.  I'd be glad to see Torro Rosso's be competitive within the next 2 years. Would be fun seeing a Toro Rosso Honda pass Mclaren-Renault to the podiums

Bernie, you are the Tony Blair of F1

McLaren vetoing the supply of Honda engines to any other F1 team was a major part of their lack of development and success.

I hope that part of any new deal or changes, allows Honda to be able to supply engine/s to other teams as does Mercedes and Ferrari.

So glad this guy is gone, He just pouts BS, he cant be that stupid, he is very rich..... alas so is donald trump??

What are mclaren ment to do???, look at the greif renult got of red bull, and they were winning races and getting poduims in 2014 15. If you look at the media rections in the first few season, they were saying the right things and being positive, even though it was clear to everybody that they were in alot of trouble.


That reminds me, I must get my drains cleaned, there's still a nasty smell coming from them!

Totally bagree with Bernie. easy to sprout garbage about the wee man, but that's like farting against thunder, it means nothing. Bernie made this sport great, and now the armchair critics think they know it all. Idiots.

Bernie has a point and I agree with SENNAFTW.  McLaren are their own worst enemies and upper class snobs.  No one can forget why they didnt take on Tommy Byrne (who had the same calibre as Prost/ Senna/ etc) but they didnt take on Byrne cos "hw was too cocky out of the cockpit".