Daniel Ricciardo says Sebastian Vettel’s aggressive outbursts are sparked by the adrenalin of the moment but once he cools off he is much fairer and level-headed, making it both a strength and weakness to the Ferrari driver's ability.

During Ricciardo’s first year stepping up to Red Bull from Toro Rosso he joined alongside Vettel as his team-mate and felt he gained a strong insight into how the four-time Formula 1 world champion operates and what are the positives and negatives to his race craft.

While Ricciardo credits Vettel’s determination and will to win as a major strength his tendency to overstep the mark in the heat of racing has frequently sparked controversial moments involving the German driver.

This issue came to a head during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix when Vettel felt he was being brake-tested by Lewis Hamilton during a safety car period and after an initial collision he pulled alongside the Mercedes driver and swerved into him.

Vettel was slapped with a 10-second stop-and-go penalty during the race while further reprimands where ordered by the FIA but he avoided a potential race ban which was called for by some quarters.

Ricciardo says these flashpoints are when the adrenalin of racing takes over Vettel, referencing his radio outburst during last year’s Mexican Grand Prix, but feels he remains a fair competitor after the moment passes.

“I did spend a year with him but it was only a year and a year goes quick,” Ricciardo said. “From what I see with him, in that instant, that spur of the moment, he can get quite reactive or emotional. But once that spike of adrenalin or whatever comes back down he then has a pretty good approach to things.

“A bit like Mexico last year with the radio, I am sure he was pretty vocal at first but then it was like alright, maybe I will reassess what just happened. Fairly emotional but the emotion comes from the passion. He is one of the most passionate guys on the grid.

“I know he lives F1 probably more than most of us in a way and I think that is where it comes from.

“Any time I beat him in 2014 I am sure he was pissed when we crossed the finish line, but once we got back to the engineers he always shook my hand and congratulated me.

“So once the adrenalin calms down he has got pretty solid approach. Once that moment is gone he is pretty educated, probably more than me.”


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Always talk nice about past/possible future team mates! 

"Vettel has a tendency to overstep the mark in the heat of racing." That has to be an understatement if ever there was one. Running into Hamilton twice in the heat of the moment. Vettel has just been found out, he lied when he blamed Stroll and then ridiculed him in post race interviews stating it was Stroll who slammed into his car after the slow down lap of the Malaysian gp causing an accident. When in actual fact, video recovered from Stroll's onboard shows it was Vettel who slammed into Lance Strolls car. The nasty bursts on the radio that has become part of the Vettel trademark during most races, has now esculated into telling lies to cover his own backside. And yet he always seems to come out smelling like roses... not this time... ref: Strolls on board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9KxFa_R0Dw


Senna had outbursts Dale Earnhardt too. All great champs in their respected series have these adreline picks that also makes them fearless and more faster. The thing is how you deal with it Alonso is someone who never dealt with it the proper way Vettel now days is acting more like Alonso and less like Vettel that's the issue.


dickens.  thanks for re-posting the clip from strolls on board, where it shows that strolls wheels were NOT following the corner, but were in fact aimed to take him to the outside of the exit.  correct line for a racing lap, but not for a cooling down lap.


breza.  that is news !  i had not heard that vettel was returning to red bull.  must be why ricciardo was being nice?

RICHARD: Only you would stand up and prove the point going against on board evidence that Vettel was in the wrong and that he had lied. The story has never changed over the years with you, always bending the facts or softening the story line when we see the poor behaviour Vettel demonstrates time and time again on race day. And here you are again waving the Vettel flag, throwing in you suppossed race line theories to prove him right, claiming he was right in what he said about Lance Stroll causing the accident, really... time to take off those rose coloured glasses. 

RICHARD: Indeed I was one of the first to want to blame Vettel solely for that one, but spent about 10 minutes rewatching that clip dickens posted, and indeed, it is extremely clear that Stroll does not follow the corner and wonders wide, refferencing the curb on the left.  I agree, Stroll did not turn his wheel to the right towards Vettel, but he also did not turn his wheel more to the left to follow the corner.  But we also then have to consider that Vettel turned in sharper than the corner was, assuming Lance would follow the corner.  I would have to conclude that both drivers had a hand in the incident, but love how the commentators focus on the mere fact that Lance did not turn his steering wheel.

This rediculous, although harmless incidend, as it was after the race, reminds me of Canada 2008 when Kimi leap frogged Hamilton under safety car conditions in the pits, and found himself stationary at the front of the pit lane behind a red light. Hamilton did not notice the sationary cars, nor the red light at the end of the pits, and attempted to drive right through Kimi's car, taking them both out of the race.  Oh, at the time Kimi was Hamilton's closest title rival by a couple of points...

dickens.  sadly you are one of the lulu fanboys who want to find anyone who is a challenge to him as  being in the wrong.  clearly you have not raced .  it is funny how the stewards agreed that stroll was not on the correct line.

but  there is little point getting into an argument with you when the issue has already been adjudged by the people appointed to judge the incident.   and i do not wear glasses.  and i do not hva blinkers like you.

“I know he lives F1 probably more than most of us in a way and I think that is where it comes from"

Agreed most racers lack the passion. They do it for money or lifestyle mostly i guess... It makes them boring to watch cause their racing is too rational predictable and safe.

@RICHARD: Where do you get off. Please let me bring you up to date. It must be awful having a scotoma as you have with anything Vettel.  You can hide behind the stewards judgement but since that judgement, as I posted in my thread that you are disagreeing with, let me run it by your narrow mind once more. 'New footage was retrieved from Strolls onboard camera by Formula One Management who gained physical access to the camera which had been on-board Stroll’s car in Malaysia, showing it was Vettel's fault, he caused the accident not Lance Stroll. Then Vettle in all kindness threw Lance under the bus. Champion. And please spare us your condescending wank that is often dumped on other posters about how you have raced, so I know and you don't rubbish.  And your crystal ball is way off, I don't follow Hamiltion you idiot. I take an interest in Fernando Alonso, Kimi, Daniel, Carlos and Esteban. I also like Martin Brundel who you can't stand, I also had the pleasure of seeing the one you label as being, 'dangerous,' Ayrton about 6 times in Adelaide, yeah heard it all before... many times... 

Emotional outbursts = petulance

It's brings a smile to my face to watch this 'fraud' engineer his own failure :)