Fernando Alonso says McLaren-Honda remains 'a long way off' as his wait for points continued beyond the Spanish Grand Prix following another DNF.

The Spaniard began brightly as he held station just outside the top ten for his home race, peaking as high as seventh after going long on his first stint in an effort to play himself into some contention.

However, he would promptly develop braking issues thereafter, which would come to a head when he entered into the pit-lane to retire and overshot his pit-box, almost collecting members of his pit crew.

Though the brake issue was traced to an errant visor tear-off getting caught in the brake duct, Alonso says the race shows the MP4-30 is still off the pace of where he wants it to be.

"I think it's coming, [but] definitely we are a long way off. We need to make double steps because everyone is improving as well this season so we need to make double steps. This is a very challenging project but I'm so happy, I think we are recovering well and we need to keep up."

"I don't think there was a problem for the team's progress. The problem was in the power unit so this is a different problem from the brakes so obviously we need to investigate. Also Jenson had the problems on Saturday with the brakes so definitely there is an area to reinforce there.

"If you improve the power unit you put more push-power and then you break the engine so could cause a false start. But this is a different problem so I think more improvements will give us more performance for the next races. So I'm happy with that.


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No one can say if Alonso would have scored a point or not, because he RETIRED!, Maybe he would or maybe he won't, that is why they race, don't they? If we just based it on lap times then they should have given points and trophies after qualifying and who are we kidding now, if Alonso stayed in Ferrari he will be 45 second from the winner? a podium, yes but a championship chance? No, at most a runner up. At least at Mclaren-Honda there is still an unknown factor that could be a magic bullet to WDC, I think that is what made him switch because being in Ferrari and seeing the development of the Ferrari team, he might have known that Ferrari's best this year will still be a runner up.