McLaren has failed to come to a decision on its 2015 driver line-up following a board meeting at the F1 team's headquarters on Thursday.

Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen have been in the dark over their futures for a number of months, with McLaren poised to re-sign Fernando Alonso and left with only one seat available between the two 2014 drivers.

With the team having said no decision would be taken before December 1, the meeting at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking was expected to see a decision taken. While an announcement would not be immediately forthcoming as terms still need to be agreed with each driver, the team confirmed that a decision had not been reached during the meeting.

"Today's board meeting has now concluded, and no decision has been taken with regard to our 2015 driver line-up," a McLaren spokesman said.

Both Button and Magnussen were present at a McLaren sponsor day in Edinburgh on Thursday.


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I don't know if the realise this, but as good as Alonso is, he won't be able to drive both cars...
Maybe Denis wanna give it a try?

I was very relaxed about this thing some time ago, but it is really getting ridiculous by now. I'm the boss of my own little company, and i would really feel bad letting people hang on my decision for soooo long.
But hey! I'm not a multimillion enterprise, so i guess i can still have a heart for the people who works for me...

This has developed into a farce. Time for Button to sort a deal (or confirm one, if he's already in negotiations) with a WEC team, and just walk away from McLaren.