The DTM and Super GT championships are considering the possibility of staging 'exchange races' following the recent marriage between the two organisations.

The news comes after the pair announced, on Tuesday, a collaboration in technical regulations starting from 2014, which as it stands will last for four years.

The proposal offers the possibility of the three German DTM manufacturers BMW, Audi and Mercedes to compete alongside the Japanese giants Toyota, Nissan and Honda in Japan while the same applies for the Super GT circus in Europe.

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"We believe that this agreement will contribute greatly to the development of both the SUPER GT and DTM race series," said chairman of the GTA, Massaki Banndoh.

"We also think that deepening the relationship between DTM in Europe and SUPER GT in Asia towards the future may lead to new developments such as, organizing exchange races for both series, bringing new excitement and pleasure to the fans around the world," Banndoh added.

To further enhance the relationship, the respective technical committees will join together to create a 'continuous exchange of information.'

by Simon Evans