BMW's motorsport director Jens Marquardt predicts todays's race will conjure a strategic headache as the wear on the option tyre at Brands Hatch is predicted to be higher than Hockenheim.

Marquardt, along with predicting a higher tyre wear rate, believes track and air temperature will make for a race like Hockenheim where the teams strategies evolved as the race unfolded.

"The wear on the option tyre here at this circuit will be higher than what we seen at Hockenheim," Marquardt told

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"We also have to look at the temperature [Sunday] and these two factors will be decisive in terms of strategy.

"It will be a race, a bit like Hockenheim, where we will have to learn in able to adjust the strategies to make smart decisions."

Marquardt also stated going long on the option, as some teams did at Hockenheim, may not pay off due to the narrowness of the Indy circuit along with the notorious issue of traffic.

"On a much shorter track like this even going in early in the hope you can find yourself some space for a few laps maybe won't pay off as much as it did Hockenheim," Marquardt added.

"Once you extract the lap time from the tyre's you then have the danger of being held up in traffic and losing time as you catch the field back up."