DTM introduces raft of regulation changes

DTM rights holders and promoters ITR e.V has announced a raft of technical and sporting regulation changes ahead of the 2014 season, including the introduction of performance ballast.

Ahead of the 2014 season, which will see an increased grid of 23 cars, the ITR has confirmed a series of changes intended to improve the racing and balance the performance between the main Audi, Mercedes and BMW protagonists.

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This includes the introduction of performance ballast, which will see a brand have up to 10kilos added or have 10kilos removed, depending on results.

In addition, drivers must now make only a single obligatory pit-stop, instead of the previous two, while the previous four phases of the knockout qualifying system has now been reduced to three.

"We met with the manufacturers to think about what we could do for making reading the races easier, for the crowds," ITR Chairman Hans Werner Aufrecht said. "With the new regulations we have achieved this goal as the course of the races will be more transparent, for the spectators.

"Meanwhile, equal opportunities also are of major importance as every driver on the DTM grid is supposed to have the chance of battling it out for the race win."