The prospect of DTM and Super GT cars competing in the same races has moved a step closer after more technical agreements were made to standardise the 'Class 1' regulations around the world.

Talks between organisers and the leading manufacturers from both the German and Japanese-based series' have been ongoing for some time, with chassis and areas of aero being standardised for 2014.

However, from 2017, an agreement has been reached to align the engine regulations, with two-litre, four-cylinder and turbocharged units being used in both series. Furthermore, the American IMSA racing association has announced its plans to adopt a similar format.

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As such, it is hoped that DTM, Super GT and IMSA models can race together with minimum modification around the world.

"The agreement between the leading car manufacturers in Germany and Japan is an important milestone on the way to a set of joint, globally implemented Class One regulations, " said Hans Werner Aufrecht, Chairman of ITR e.V.

"It's up to the manufacturers' to decide if they want to let their Class-1 vehicle race at Suzuka today, at the N?rburgring next week and at Daytona in a fortnight. This possibility provides totally new marketing opportunities for the manufacturers. And the joint name, 'Class One', is an important component, so to speak the cramp that is holding it all together.

"Therefore, I'm delighted that we are going to demonstrate our common ground, in Europe, Japan and the USA, with this distinctive name. All these moves will help us achieving a variety of brands never witnessed before at the highest technical level and consequently, we will provide the crowds even more fascinating motor sport.

"Isn't it a fantastic perspective that spectacular racing cars such as the DTM vehicles can be run all over the world at reasonable costs, in the future?" Masaaki Bandoh, chairman of the Japanese GTA, adds. "The meeting was very productive. We fully agreed on the concept of the common technical regulation. This agreement will create better conditions for car manufactures to participate in the other series in future."

Mercedes, BMW and Audi currently compete in DTM, while Lexus, Honda and Nissan make up the GT500 class of Super GT