Bruno Spengler and Lucas Luhr may be used to dealing with speed, but the pair faced a totally different experience to the one they are used to when they joined multiple Olympic champion Christoph Langen for a bobsleigh ride during the bobsleigh world cup race at K?nigssee.

In the corners, the two DTM-drivers were pushed to deal with excessive G-Forces and completed the 1.240km course with Langen and brake man Sven R?hr in just 50.81 seconds.

"It was a little bit like a rollercoaster ride with your eyes blindfolded," Luhr said. "The forces, especially in the bankings, are just unbelievable."

"I was surprised by the speed at which we were going down the track," Spengler added. "However, not having any means of control during the run was a little bit unusual. In any case, it was a great experience, a big 'thank you' to Christoph Langen."

Langen himself was happy with his two passengers and said he had enjoyed giving them both the chance to experience something different to their normal seats.

"The DTM guys did a great job, although their heads went down quite far at the extreme pressure points in the bankings," he said. "I find it great that the two had the chance to have a look at my sport, which has quite a few things in common with motor sport. We also have to cope with things like aerodynamics, suspension set-up, driving skills, but above all with athletics."


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