Formula 1 chief executive, Chase Carey, believes he has a difficult challenge in obtaining long-term fans. Liberty Media has made a number of controversial changes since taking over the sport and Carey said “It’s probably the people who have been fans from the beginning who liked what they grew up with. They represent the foundation of the sport. These fans are essential. But we want to interest a new audience, and for this we must find solutions that respect the historical element - what made this category so special - while attracting new people at the same time." - Sportsmole

World champion Lewis Hamilton believes that next season could see four teams contending for titles. The Britton, who has identified McLaren as a threat ahead of next season, said “McLaren will have Renault engines, then we may see four teams fighting for the championship, Red Bull will be quicker (than this year) and Ferrari will be fast. We can’t stand still. We have to keep moving forwards." - Planet F1

Hamilton has revealed he has no intention of repairing his relationship with former Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg. The duo had regular disagreements during the 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons whilst on the same team and Hamilton has said “I last talked to Nico in Japan, but I do not invest any energy in changing our relationship." - Sportsmole

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has quashed rumours that the team are eyeing Esteban Ocon as a potential replacement for Valtteri Bottas in 2019. Wolff said “Esteban is one of our drivers and is therefore in the picture, but the team and all of its strength is behind Valtteri. I can assure you, from the board to every team member, we all want Valtteri to succeed, together with Lewis, he is our driver and we do not think of any others." - F1 Fansite


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If a sport is dominated by one manufacturer it's never going to pick up fans.

"But we want to interest a new audience......"

Ahem, what? So how does that align with increasing moves to stick it on pay TV..... bonkers aspiration.

to be fair, that was already in place before liberty came onboard, I highly doubt they will renew sky's contract once its finished

No doubt that FI needs new audience, The change from free-to-air to pay TV was the main drive in reducing F1 viewership from 600 to 400 million (one third) but Liberty apart from the sweet talk has signiled it intends to continue moving F1 broadcasts from free-to-air TV to pay TV. You increase the financial barriers to participate, you decrease that participation. when you have a large decline in viewership, a decline in revenue from sponsors also follows. 

He'll find the new audience if he looks in the nursing homes, they enjoy a good snooze fest..

Any one of those drivers could win with a merc,make them have only one set of tyres,only go to circuits where there is easy overtaking,definitely no streets,have reverse grids(last race winner starts at back and so on)ban overpaid fat hangers on,ban government funding,that's that sorted,next question