Questions from the floor

Q: (Salvador Enguix - La Vanguardia)
Fernando, I don't think you're very happy about your race, but for a lot of people you have to have had a very good race in your car. Why are you not very happy today? That's the impression you give.

Fernando Alonso:
I think I said in the press conference that I am very happy. I have repeated a couple of times that this is a very special podium. I also said in the press conference that I missed podiums here, Abu Dhabi and India. I can cross out here, and hopefully I can get a podium in Abu Dhabi and India as well and complete all the trophies from the Formula One calendar. Definitely this Valencia was one of the most special races, to be in the celebration at the end of the race, and we did it. So far it's the best result of the year and the best podium of the year.

Q: (Livio Oricchio - O Estado de Sao Paulo)
Fernando, were you worried at the end of the race when you took on medium tyres; you might have lost position to Webber because in free practice you were slower than them on this kind of tyre?

Fernando Alonso:
Yeah, obviously in practice I think we were more competitive with the soft tyre compared to the medium tyres, so as we said yesterday, we tried to minimise the time with the harder tyre in the race because we knew that maybe we were less competitive. But it was the time to stop. Obviously we had two or three extra laps compared to him with soft but if you don't stop you lose the position so we had to stop and be in front of him in the first corner, and then the game is on, so you need to hope that the pace is good enough and I think it was a good surprise, how the car performed in the last stint. We were expecting a lot of trouble, a lot of problems with the level of grip and in fact I think our best laps of the race were at the end on the medium tyre, so that's also very encouraging for the next races.

Q: (Paolo Ianieri - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Fernando, when you passed Mark during the first stint, and then you came out a second behind him, was it because you waited a lap too long? On TV it looked like you had a bit problem coming out.

Fernando Alonso:
No, I think when you are one second, 1.5s gap between two cars, the car that stops has the advantage because the whole lap will be around two seconds quicker. We knew when Mark stopped that we obviously had to stop the lap after, but our chance of being in front was not great, and I also think we had a lot of problems with backmarkers, problems of traffic. Obviously it's not easy to let cars past on this circuit, there are two walls on this long straight which isn't really straight, there's always a little bit of corner. I think we all lost time - maybe I lost time in this middle part of the race. I know Mark lost time with one of the Hispania cars at the end. At the end of the race it balances out but when you are in a pit stop area, or when it's pit stop laps, it's very important.

Q: (Frederic Ferret - l'Equipe)
Sebastian, each race you increase your lead, but behind you in second place, the name changes. Who do you think is your main opponent now? Mark, Fernando or the McLaren guys?

Sebastian Vettel:
Mark, Fernando, Lewis, Jenson. I think they are obviously closest. To be honest, I don't look at the scoreboard much. I think you always need to take last year as an example. It shows we had good races last year up to a certain point where things went wrong and we lost a lot of points, not necessarily making big mistakes but losing out, losing points. If you look at Formula One and you compare it to other sports, it's a very, very long season. We have a lot of races and there are so many things that can happen, and surely you will have some races where everything will work, but you will have races where you will struggle, where it will be difficult, where you have conditions like Canada or things not going your way. You decide to stop and then all of a sudden it starts to rain like Fernando had in Canada. It's not necessarily mistakes but it just doesn't go your way. The safety car comes out at the wrong moment or whatever. It can change the result completely and therefore the outcome and points. Of course our target is to be in the lead and make sure we stay there but the most important race to lead the championship is after the last one and not really

Q: (Jaime Rodriguez - El Mundo)
Sebastian, are you calculating at which race you could clinch the championship?

Sebastian Vettel:
No. I wasn't good in maths. I liked maths but... No, it's good to know that obviously we are in the lead, by how many points I don't really care. People tell me often enough so I don't need to check. Sometimes they say it differently, surprising but it happens. I think we will find out early enough when it matters, whether we are in a good position or not.

Q: (Joris Fioriti - Agence France Presse)
Fernando, you seem to be truly happy today about your result but you're 99 points behind Sebastian Vettel. When will you stop hoping to fight for the title? Is it already the case?

Fernando Alonso:
Well, I think I'm happy with the performance and the team moving forward from a difficult start to the season. Obviously the championship is not in our calculations at the moment, so not in our hands, so we need to do it race by race, try to win the races we go to and wait for some mistakes from Red Bull. At the moment, I don't think we can think of the championship in a proper way. We just need to take it race by race and see what happens in the last part of the season. The distance now with 99 points, a hundred or whatever, is a lot so it's not in our hands. At the moment, as we said, we're one second behind, or eight tenths behind so if anyone thinks we can win a championship being eight tenths behind it's because maybe they don't understand Formula One.

Q: (Flavio Vanetti - Il Corriere della Sera)
Fernando, we know that Ferrari is going to Silverstone with some upgrades. Which is the main thing you ask for from the team, the thing you need most?

Fernando Alonso:
Aerodynamics. I don't think that it's a secret what we are lacking. What Formula One needs these days is aero performance. We can be more or less competitive in these circuits where there are not high speed corners with heavy braking on the straights. The tyres are the same for everybody, brakes are no different, engines are more or less the same, KERS we all use, so it's all about aerodynamics. As I said, these days everybody knows about our problems during the winter and we were putting parts on the car which didn't make the car quicker, slower and when we realised that was Malaysia. Now we are a couple of months behind.

Q: (Marco degl'Innocenti - La Gazzetta dello Sport)
Question for the two Red Bull guys: are you not a little concerned that your huge advantage from the previous races seems to be becoming a little thinner now?

Sebastian Vettel:
I think we have to wait. I think every circuit is different. If you need an example, we go to Melbourne and there we were very quick. We went to Malaysia and it's very tight. If you look at qualifying in Melbourne we were something like half a second clear. In Malaysia, two hundredths or maybe five hundredths. I don't remember. It was very close with McLaren. That was two weeks after and no upgrades, nothing happened, so things change quickly just because of the nature of the track, so we really have to go step by step. Every race is different, every track has its own characteristics. Historically we prefer tracks with high speed corners so Silverstone coming up should be a good one for us. Now the rules change slightly. I think we've said many times that it's the same for everyone, so if we are not allowed to do that any more, it's the others as well. Yeah, I said yesterday there was a lot of talk before this race, and already the talk starts now for the next race. We will see what happens.

Mark Webber:
I think this is probably our weakest track of the year, maybe, so we didn't do too badly today on a very weak track. We have a different regulation from Silverstone onwards and we expect that we can still be pretty competitive again. If we can keep Valencia as one of our weakest, definitely our top three weakest tracks, we didn't do too badly today, so we should go okay on the other ones.